Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Walk with Faye

I had a great walk with mum this morning, just me and her, and I loved that. I hope mum continues to take me on our one on one walks even as STINKY gets older.

Mum worked all day, and I spent most of my time outside on my heated bed. We got rained on today, so our snow has now become slush. I much prefer snow...sigh.. Anyway, in the evening, mum put me and STINKY in the car and took us to another park further away. I was soo happy I got to run around off-leash even tho STINKY did come on the walk with us, in mum's arms. I bet her arms have been permanently stained by his stinky smell.

After the walk, mum pulled up to a house, gave me a bone, and took STINKY inside that house. Mum said I couldn't go in, something about socializing STINKY and me being too protective around her in a small area. I gave her my sad look, but upon glancing over at the bone, I decided to devour first, pout later.

Mum wasn't gone for too long, and when she finally came out, two other hoomans came out plus another dog. It was Faye.

I'm not sure if you guys remember, but Faye was the rescue girl with stand up ears that mum got her friends to adopt.

Anyway, we all went for a walk together. Faye and I were on leashes,

Boy and Baby asked what the famous "Sunshade LOOK" looks like. You know, the look I usually give dogs and they just know not to mess with Miss Sunshade. I am usually in a stationary position, with my tail way up in the air, doesn't wag, and I sort of look at the dog from the corner of my eyes. Most of them, even the dominant ones seem to back off when they see that "look". This picture was taken when I was giving Faye my LOOK. She was trying to jump and play with me on leash, so I gave her the LOOK, and she stopped but started to jump and play with her dad on leash LOL.

(You don't get the full effect from the picture, but you get the idea. I hope you guys aren't looking away and backing away.......)

Did you notice how much dark I have on my ears, and down my hind legs as compared to Faye's?? That's because Faye has the correct coat, and I have a sheepcoat!

STINKY came on the walk with us too, but he had to stay in Sherrie's arms (oh poor arms).

Faye was quite excitable...hehe, it was really interesting seeing her running around in tight circles around her dad and ripping his arm out LOL. She is usually very good on leashes, it's just when she sees a dog, she gets too overly excited.

We walked to a park where Faye was let off the leash to run. Mum was gonna let me off, but she saw how fast Faye was running around in big circles, she decided to keep me on leash. I guess mum doesn't like me doing a lot of chasing on hard grounds, especially when it's slippery. She worries about my bad elbow.

Faye is 3 years old, and still very playful and energetic. She kept trying to get me to play with her or chase her by running really fast towards me. I wanted to play chase too, but ARGH... I was attached to the stooopid leash.. I tried to chase while I was on leash tho.

When Faye got bored of trying to get me to play, she went for STINKY. She would run really fast towards him and jump over him. STINKY wanted to play, but he just wasn't sure about her rambunctiousness. Of course, when I saw what Faye was doing to STINKY, I went and put myself in between, and gave her THE look. Faye then would back off, but come at STINKY from another angle, and I of course, just had to stand around STINKY and make sure Faye didn't get him.

(mum: Sunshade seems to be ok with dogs who are gentle, not overly excited towards Jaffa. The dog we met at UBC field was calm, and Sunshade was completely fine with her meeting Jaffa. I knew she would start protecting Jaffa when he has been accepted as part of her pack.)

Look at how brave that useless STINKY looks when he's standing behind me..

Don't get me wrong, I still DON'T like STINKY at all. But since I guess he is now considered part of my pack, it's my responsibility, as a pack leader (not mum) to protect him. Afterall, I am still trying to give him away, and who's gonna want him if he got injured??

YES, I am still trying to give him away, because he does this to other hoomans, in public.

Please, I want a blood transfusion..... I refuse to believe we are related by blood!!!!!


Duke said...

Sunshade, I'm so glad you're easing up on the little Stinky mutt! You're going to be an awesome big sister! I'm so glad!

Love ya lots,

The Airechicks said...


That Faye she a cutie too....We're happy Jaffa is now a part of the "SUNSHADE PACK" Your dong a really good job showing him about being a superdale....

Your Grandpa will be so happy...

Faye the "playgirldale" looks happy to be out with you and "STINKY".....

Wired for Mackie said...

Miss Sunshade,

Mommy and I have been very busy this new year and have had very little time for blogging (which of course includes reading my fovorite girls blog)Congratulations on Jaffa! Mom says she wants one too (oh, geez!)
What does Jaffa mean?


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Pretty soon you'll be playing with him, and letting him give you kissies....that's how it works Sunshie.

I do that terrier look too. That's how we terriers challenge. Look, head stiff position. If they look back, ooooohhhhhhhhh baby it's on!

Bussie Kissies

Lillie Valentine said...

Wow Sunshade:
That walk looked like alot of fun. Thanks for introducing us to your friend, Faye. She looks cute, too. Looks like you are getting more used to Jaffa every day.

Love ya,

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,
My ma couldn't stop laughing at the pic of Jaffa 'loving' the hooman leg!! She said he is too 可爱..
I think it's real neat that you are 'protecting' him tho..

Boo Casanova said...

oh sunshade,

just admit it, you have started to LOVE jaffa! hehehe.

ok ok, i'm giving you time to admit you love him.

wet wet licks


Anonymous said...

Oh sunshade.. the evil eye look is most suitable for my bad boys/bitchy babes club!

i'm take that and add it to my collection of pictures okies?


T-man Angel said...

Ooh, I was scared by your evil eye...and I'm an alpha! That Stinky's behavior reminds me of stuff I used to do before my surgery. Don't worry, Miss Sunshade, you two still look different since you're a grown up lady and he's a little kid..people won't know you're related. But us doggies do (hee hee!)


Bogart H. Devil said...

Faya's ears are so cool!!!! Of course not as lovely as yours, my dear Sunshade...


Fu Fu said...

Sunshade, what does sheepcoat means? Are you part sheep??

~ fufu

Simba and Jazzi said...

Oh Dear Stinky needs to learn there are certain things you don't do in public places.

Simba xx

Jemma Chihuahua said...

I think you just need to teach Jaffa a few good lessons about public etiquette!


BTW, thanks for the info on the supplements. Mum will get to it this weekend and e-mail you if she has any Q's. She says she's already swamped with school work!

OK good night!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Ooh, I think I need to learn the evil eye thing. I never stand up to anyone, even though a couple of dogs have gone for me. I need to be tougher now I'm getting to be a big boy.

Oscar x

Myeo said...

Ok so we now know what the 'Sunshade Look' is like...hehe. Even if your coat is not the 'right' kind of coat, we still think you are beautiful. And Jaffa, what can we say... he is related to you because he got your good looks:)

Boy n Baby

jaffeboy said...

That Stinky is humping @ 9weeks?!!! I started it only when I was 5mths!!!! Gosh, which planet is he from??? hehehe

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Hi Miss Sunshade

I have been out of action for the longest time and I am back.

Glad you like the pink Diva photo frame.

Wow you are playing big sister to Jaffa - Congratulations

wally said...

hi miss sunshade--i know that look! i do it too (even though i'm not a terrier!). i puff up my chest and my tail goes straight up. yup! you remind me of my sister morgan (rip!) when they brought me home. she thought i was pretty obnoxious (i never mounted a leg but i did try funny business with HER the first night i was at her home!). she acted all grossed out by me but when push came to shove she had my back. hmmm..i wonder if she called ME stinky?


Ivy said...

hey hey sunshade! that is one skary look you haf there! i reelly hate it wen i am being all serious and giving a dog the look and they just want to be silly and play.

it wuz a good idea not to let stinky jaffa play at the park... he probly wud haf gotten even stinkier!

Joe Stains said...

your friend faye has boston terrier ears, or bat ears as mom calls them.

One saving grace for me is that doofus and I are NOT of the same blood. whew!

Anonymous said...

Do you think your Mom will take Stinky to meet the little horses and ducks at the park near the, umm, vet? therapy pool? ... I can't remember ... was there a goat too???

Anonymous said...

Hey Mum... Dad.... do I have a look? 'Cause I want one!

Dad: I reckon Sunshade's coat and colouring are nicer than Faye's, but I guess I prefer the un-usual.
Mum: I guess that goes for me too.
Texas: Well, I think Sunshade is cuter but Faye's ears are kinda cute...

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

umekotyan said...

When the dog that looks like well is found, it becomes glad.

From loved ume tyan

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Jaffe is a stinky wee boy,

Faye is a pretty girl who brings joy

But Sunshade has what they all lack,

For She is always Leader of the Pack!

A wee Poem for my Canadian Sweetheart.

love and sad licks Marv xxxxxx

Loki said...

Please dont hate STINKY... he will be good...

Faya said...

Hé Sunshade. Your coat is just perfect. YOU are perfect...

Anonymous said...

Completely unrelated topic - Dad just found out that his favouritest old TV series ever was "...filmed primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada." How cool! You live there!

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Baily said...

hi miss sunshade,
that looks like a fun walk

nose licks to you (and sneaking a few in for stinky too)

Kevin the Collie said...

You look gorgeous after your grooming - it shows off your shape!! We had half an inch of snow in London today, come and see the picture of me in the snow!
Kevin the Collie