Sunday, September 17, 2006

Trip to Seattle, WA

Mum got up early this morning and took me to Meydenbauer Beach Park in Bellevue, WA. I was very happy of course, but something was up. My mum would never get up early on a cold, gloomy Sunday morning to take me out to the beach if she weren't feeling guilty about something....usually associated with ME.

However, being the live in the moment kinda gal, I thought I would enjoy my early morning exercise first and do the pondering later! Mum and I were the only ones at the beach park, can you believe it?? Mum is mumbling something about any sane person would not take a dog to the beach on a early, cold Sunday morning. Thank doG I'm not a DOG!!!

We walked down the path from the parking lot to the beach, and I got frisky with mum...hehe!

See how well trained my mum is?? I lifted my butt up, and she knew exactly what to do!! Those of you who are having trouble in this department, don't worry, it will just take some time for the hoo-mans to know who the boss is. Remember, patience is the key, don't go chew up the couch just because they didn't get your hint that the boss is bored.

I, Miss Sunshade, have a PhD in "Hoo-man Mind Control". So if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact my hoo-man secretary, she has all the credentials to answer your questions. I do, however, recommend that you contact a "terrier" offering classes, and start with WYWH 101 (Work Your Way into Hearts), and MCYHS 101 (How to Mind Control Your Hoo-man Slave).

Sorry, I got a little off track there...... Back to Meydenbauer Beach Park-

Even though the water was cold, it was not freezing, so I did some swimming there. Here are photos of me in ACTION!!

I don't know if this happens to any of you out there, but I often forget that I'm not a hoo-man. I mean, I sleep on a hoo-man bed, I eat from a hoo-man bowl, I can unlock car doors like a hoo-man, I hav a credit card exclusively for my use only, and I OWN & CONTROL a hoo-man to tends to my every need & picks up after my poop!! So for sure, I must be someone with at least a hoo-man status, or even higher...... like ........a Kryptonian??

Well, that's usually how I think until reality hits. Take the following scenario as an example:

I go to a park, see a hoo-man play ground. I run over to the play ground thinking that I'm a hoo-man,

Everything seems to be fine until I'm presented with a hoo-man slide. So I stand there thinking, pondering, trying to come up with a way for me to "comfortably" slide down that thing. Afterall, it is suppose to be "fun" right? That's why all the little hoo-mans go crazy when they see a slide, isn't it?

Of course, using my hoo-man brain, I realize standing there pondering is not going to solve the problem. I have to try it. So I try to put my feet down first like this,

But WOOOO......OOPS............. that doesn't feel comfortable at all, and it's quite slippery....

And then, it hits me. I realize - I'M NOT A HOO-MAN AFTER ALL...............

so I yell,


Ok, I got off track again....... Anyway, I had a great time at Meydenbauer Beach Park while mum stood there freezing her butt off. What can I say, she's no Airedale....she brought summer clothing over thinking it was gonna be sunny!!

After I had my breakie, mum and her friends drove to a place called, Bellevue Square Mall. I realized then why mum woke up so early to take me to the park. I knew why she was feeling guilty now!! They were going shopping, and NOOO not for my stuff...... Mum told me "I'll be back" and left me with a bone in the SunshadeMOBILE.

I was so p$ssed off that I pouted the whole time while I was waiting in the car. My bone-bone was un-touched when mum got back because I had no appetite at all, due to feeling abandoned!! However, the sight of mum cheered me right up and since I'm a live in the moment kinda gal, I held no grudges. I gave mum a few mouths full of my special "love nibbles" and started gnawing on the bone.

The guilt mum felt inside was probably more than I'd expected, because as soon as we left the mall, she drove me straight to Marymoor Park in Redmond, WA. I couldn't believe it! I love this place so much because it is huge with lots of romping areas and also water pockets for swimming. The best part is that it is all off-leash!!

We made our way towards the water,

Guess what I found in the water?

AN AIREDALE!!! Her name is "Kami" and she is 4 years old.

Kami is a HUGE girl weighing at 80 lbs!! I thought my 62 lbs was heavy for an Aire-girl LOL! Kami and I were both mature girls, so we nodded our heads and went our separate ways.

I was a little disappointed to see the fencing in the river........ that meant no swimming! Apparently, I wasn't the only one disappointed.....

Mum explained to me that it's the breeding season for those big fishies called Salmon, so the fence is put up to prevent us doggies from hurting them.

After hearing mum's explanation, I got even more disappointed ....... because..... I LOVE SALMON SUSHI!!! We sure can "co-exist" - with the fish in my tummy that is!

Mum and I walked the perimeter of the park. While I was walking and "socializing", I wondered if I should change my name from "Miss Sunshade the SuperDALE" to "Miss Sunshade the PopularDALE"?? Can you see why?

Mum has had my pee pee checked out many times to see if they grew bad buggies that attract all those male dogs. But the tests have all came back negative everytime, so I guess I'm just a SEXY BABE!!

Here is a photo I love, because it shows my intelligence. I know that planes fly in the sky and make loud noises when they go by. So whenever I hear mum say "plane-plane" (she likes to repeat herself...), I would look up to the sky, find the plane, and lock my eyes on it until it goes out of sight.

I learned "plane-plane" just from listening to mum repeating herself. Everytime a plane flew by and I looked up, mum would say "plane-plane". So after seeing numerous planes fly by, I have learned to associate "plane-plane" to the big noisy things from the sky. Now I just look up to the sky whenever I hear those words.

These are some other photos taken at Marymoor. The sun decided to peek it's smiley face out just as we were about to leave. However, after the sun came out, I had some trouble keeping my tongue in......

Of course, we must obey the LAW!!!

We went and had dinner with mum's family friends, and left for Vancouver soon after.

On our way back over the border, we ran into trouble with a STUPID Canadian Customs officer. He for whatever reason, was convinced that mum had bought me from the States on this trip. I mean, yeah I was born and bought in WA, but that was almost 7 years ago and grandpa did pay a customs fee on me back then.

My beautiful window cleaning job on my car windows, my perfectly made bed in the back seat, my "Airedale" decorations weren't enough to convince the bone head that I, obviously wasn't a "new" dog. Mum showed him my rabies' titre paper, but he still didn't believe mum. He said the paper says the dog is Black and Tan. Well that's the standard colour for an Airedale, but since I was born with a sheep coat, my colours are more of Charcoal and Cream. He also said that the dog is stated to be 7 years old, and "the dog you have with you is certainly not 7. I know dogs!" - that's a quote.

Anyway, after a few phone calls, the bone head finally realized he was VERY WRONG, and apologized. This has never happened to us before, and it is just so ridiculous when you think about it. He paid no attention to all the things mum bought from her shopping spree!!!

Did you know when mum took me down to Seattle for my knee surgeries, she had to pay taxes on the way back due to her naive answer to the "what was the purpose of this trip? ". Apparently, I'm considered as a piece of property!! If you went to the States to get your car fixed, you have to pay taxes on the way back. Same thing if you went and got your dogter's knees fixed, you have to pay taxes!!! UNBELIEVABLE!

Gee...this is the third time I've gotten off track in the post....

AND, that brings a close to my weekend trip to Washington!!!

****Note: My pal Opy has informed me that I have been nominated for the Awesome Blog Award. The other nominee is Ivy, who also has an excellent blog. When you are ready, you can go to D.W.B Bone Zone to cast your vote!!


Bogart H. Devil said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! You have a GREAT mom!!!


Chelsea said...

How did I miss out on all that bum sniffing?

T-man Angel said...

Sunshade - That looks like a GREAT trip!! That's terrible the nasty customs official didn't believe your mom!! She should have referred him/her to your blog :) Congrats on all the butt sniffs too. You're very popular!!

Linda Fleming said...

What a great day you had, SunShade! I am envious!
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

wow sunshade, that was fun outing you have there. i'm having my own family day this weekend. i hope it will be fun meeting doggies!

how i wish there is such an off-leash park here too.

licky wet wet licks

Huskee and Hershey said...

What lovely photos your mum took! I love the ones on the 'butt sniffs'.. only wish I was there!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Sending you a cyber butt sniff!

Bussie Kissies

jaffeboy said...

Looks like a whole lot of fun for you (except at the custom). Oh, & the butt raise act, I do that to my friends so they can chase me. I love being chased.

Sam I Am said...
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Sam I Am said...

hey hey sunshade! I tagged you in the new dog tag game. if you wanna play you haf to write about five things that make a good dog friend! Congrats on being nominated !!Woof-woof

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