Thursday, September 28, 2006

How do you eat your Corn on the Cob??


  • Answer the question in whichever way you prefer, and tag 5 more friends!!
Do NOT participate:
  • If you are allergic to corn
  • If you tend to swallow things whole without chewing (ie, whole corn on the cob)
  • If you feel your health & safety may be jeopardized in anyway

I will be tagging:

(I know I said 5, but I tagged a couple extras in case some of you can not participate)

Now, to answer the question, you may need some help from your hoo-mans like I did today!! I sent mum an instant message to tell her that I REALLY needed to go grocery shopping so she better come home soon. My very well behaved mum zoomed home and took me grocery shopping for the perfect corn on the cob!!

Store 1 - very nice looking corns, but had to keep my options open for the BIGGEST one

Store 2 - big, fat corns, BUT for some reason the store owner kept staring at me.........(not in a friendly way)

Then I saw THE sign -

Ok, that is just silly to me. Does the store really expect us doGs (ones that aren't buying corns) to stand on our hind legs and read the sign before lifting our legs?? Looks like they haven't had a lot of luck with doGs, especially at the corn stand.....hehe! Well, I guess that's the risk you take when you display your produce outside!! (Just for the record, even tho I do "lift" my leg to pee, I didn't pee on the corn stand!)

I told mum I wasn't gonna take the discrimination from store 2, so we went back to store 1 to pick my corn.

Look at the BIG, FAT corn I picked!! I wasn't gonna let mum take it away.... OH NO NO NO!

For my littler buddies, you may not want to be as greedy as me and pick a smaller, slimmer corn, or have your hoo-man cut the corn into smaller pieces.

Since mum was so slow, I decided to take it upon myself to peel the skin off my corn!!

Cooking time! Mum can't cook, so she decided to boil the whole corn....... I heard steamed, and grilled corns are also very yummy!

What's a corn on the cob without butter?? (for those of you with sensitive stomachs, you might want to leave the butter part out)


How do you eat your Corn on the Cob??

Do you eat the corns first, then the cob?


Do you eat the corn and the cob at the same time?


Do you look at your hoo-man, and tell them to pick the corns off the cob for you to eat?


Do you turn your nose up all together?


Do you eat it MY WAY??

Sigh...of course, I had to do a "BANG" first.... (we were at the park and there was a soccer game happening behind us)

And leave the cob behind?

**WARNING: don't be alarmed if you see bits of yellowy stuff in your poop the next day, because.....YOU WILL!!


Isabella said...

So you don't eat the cob? Was that steam coming of the corn in the video? I assume the corn was quite tasty? Being an actress, I would think you would get things like caviar and champagne!
Big wags,

Charlie said...

Oh, wow!, that looks fun!!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Sunshade,
I love corn too. And you're so clever to peel the skin off the corn. Can I send you my corn to peel next time. :) I'll share them with you.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

wow you've really cleaned it up! good job! :p i've never tried corn before, HM says i have a sensitive stomach and i always get the runs. but i'll try to persuade her to let me try it. :)

wish i could go shopping with HM like you did with your mom, so i can choose the corn myself. but the markets here don't welcome dogs at all


Anonymous said...

hi sunshade,

just wanna let you know that i dropped you a personal message on multiply. HM doesn't know hwo to send you a message to you on your blog :p hee..


Jay said...

Hi Sunshade, that looks like great fun!

Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hey lover-girl...

Can I like the butter off your face?


ps. I'll have to talk to my mom about getting corn.

T-man Angel said...

My mom and I enjoyed watching your video this morning. What a great way to start the day!! But now we have a craving for corn!!

My mom says that corn is not on my diet. I can only eat Hills U/D dog food (blech!). We're going to the vets this weekend, and she's going to ask again if I can indulge in any other snacks. But in the meantime, mom won't let me participate in the tag...but thanks for asking anyway :)


T-man Angel said...

Maybe I can ask my cockatiel brother, CC-man, to take my place.. that bird likes to eat!

Sam I Am said...

you look like the master on eating corn .It just dosnt like me.I
I just sniff and stare at it and then pushed it around the floor. and get nibbly bites everywhere just not a corn dog!!
I do love my carrots .sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Bogart H. Devil said...

OK, I'm gonna get mom to get some corn so we can try it too... this will be my "first time"!


Wired for Mackie said...

Corn? I think that's something I have never tried!

...I do love apples though....

Yours truly, Mackie

Chicote said...

Great job on the corn. I don't like corn I'm a meat kinda guy. Meat is all I will eat.

Chelsea said...

I don't like corn. I am very finicky.

Besides the yellow stuff coming back out in my poop might freak out Mama a little


Anonymous said...

I can't do corn - it gives me projectile poops. I don't think you'd want to see pictures of that, now would you?

Too bad cuz it does taste good! I eat it cob and all - I do tend to do everything overboard - real fast before anybody can find me.

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

ps - of course I have only scarfed corn dogs, never just the plain nekkid stuff.


Georgie said...

Hey Miss Sunshade, you are one foxy lady!

Freda said...

Hey Sunshade,

You Rule as Corn Eater! My secretary is a Cornhusker, so you 'guys' have something in common. Coools! My dad can enter the cornfield first, husk the ears, your mom can cook'em and you can eat'em. A smooth operation. Let's go mow'em down!

I'll play watchdog and eat my CHEEEEESE!

Reeeeally cooools vids! A Golden Palm in your future? Can see why you won the 'Awesome Blog Award' Congrats!!! Cooools!


P.S. Thanks for sniffin' around my place. May I add you to my Paw Pals list?

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Heya Sunshade! I wish mum would feed me some corn on the cob! I'd prolly eat the cob tho! Heh.
I *do* like bananas!
How'd you learn that BANG! thing?!
Airedale Kisses!
Niblet the Diblet

Hana said...

Sunshade, you are the Master Corn on the Cob Eater! I have never seen anything like this. Do you also eat popcorn?

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Miss Sunshade,

Charlie and I like corn too - but we usually eat the whole lot - cob and all :-)


Hana said...

Did you have to floss your teeth after you ate the corn on the cob?

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Hey Sunshade- I don't eat corn but I did try your mum's Turkey Parme Biscotti. My mom made it up today. It was soooo yummy! She even tried some herself and said it was good. Let us know if your mum has any other good food recipes!


Sunshade said...

Isabella: yes that's steam you see coming off from the corn. The corn wasn't hot, it was just warm, but air was very cold.... Sigh, us atresses have hard times caviar today.

Fufu: I would be more than happy to help you skin the corn! You are special!!

Charlie & Jay: it was really fun and YUMMY too!!

Chiyo: doggies aren't allow "in" grocery stores here too, but some produce stores put their stuff out on the street!!

My boyfriends Mackie and Max: of course you can lick the butter off my face Max......*blushing*, and Mackie, you've GOTTA try it with butter!!!

T-man: I'm starting to think there's something wrong with Georgie. Both CC-man and Fufu like corns, but not Georgie!

Sam: You love carrots?? I won't eat those.... how weird we all have different tastes...hehe

Bogie: hehe...your "first time"

Chicote: I'm love to eat MEAT too!! But I do love my corns tho!

Chelsea: yes we dont' want to freak your mama out. My mum was *almost* freaked out today at the sight of corn-poop..hehe!

Buster: um.......okay...dont' try the corn PLEASE. No projectile poops thank you very much. If you score some corn dogs, send a couple this way ok?

Thanks George, your Fritz is quite adorable too!

Oh Freda: You're so lucky our dad's a cornhusker, I'm moving over! I can help him with husking, and mum can stay home cause I don't really need the corns to be cooks...I sometimes can't wait and just eats them raw..

Hey Liberty: Welcome back to bloggerland!!

Hana: hehe...that's just how I eat my corn LOL, dunno why. Good thing I have plenty of spaces in between my teeth so no need to floss! You won't believe this, but I dont' like popcorns at all...

Hehe Opy: does the cob taste good?? Maybe I need to try it next time.

C-K-C: isn't TPB the best?? I see your mom and my mum have something in common, they both tried the TPB LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog!!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade