Monday, September 18, 2006

I've been tagged : What makes for a True "Doggie" friend

Ok, the rule for this one is a bit vague, and I think we have decided to just list the five things that come to your mind when you see the sentence - What makes a True Doggie Friend? Of course, after you have finished your list, you will have to tag 5 more of your buddies!

I'll be tagging:

Here is my list:

1. As long as you belong to my mum and the house, doesn't matter what kind of "critter" you are, I will protect you, and never hurt you. (The same unfortunately, can't be said about critters I meet outside.....or cats...)

Meet Georgie and Mousie!! Georgie is my 18 lb GIANT pet bunny, and Mousie (RIP) was my hamster.

This is for you FuFu , me and "Mousie"

2. I will give my life protecting what's rightfully MINE (ie, my mum, my car, my house, my yard).

Here are two stories to illustrate what I mean:


I once held a man, who was following my mum, up until the police showed up. Mum was walking me late one night and a drunk guy decided to follow mum. Mum kept changing sidewalks, but he just kept following. I sensed the un-easiness growing inside mum, and decided to put a stop to this man's freakish behavior. I turned to face him and block him from moving forward. He kicked me, but I stood my ground. I gave him a low warning growl, but when he ignored that and stepped toward my mum again, I bared all my teeth, stared him right in the eyes, and snapped. That got his attention and he started yelling (he was very drunk). A passer by noticed the chaos this man was causing and called the police. I held the guy in place with my stare and occasional snarl, until the police men came.

When the police came, they asked my mum if it was ok for them to approach her because they thought I was trained for personal protection!! I, of course, knew that they were good people so I wagged my tail and proceeded to checking out the inside of the police car........ while they hand cuffed the man. Yes, I'm a curious girl and they left the car door open.....hehe! I had only just turned "two" then.


Even though mum moved out of home with me at 16, she spent a lot of time baby sitting her little brother Jimmy, who is 10 years younger than mum. One afternoon, mum and I took Jimmy to the play ground next to the house when all of a sudden mum needed to run to the house for something. So, her under developed, 16 year old brain made a careless decision to run home leaving Jimmy and me at the park. Mum was back within 3 minutes, and what she saw puzzled her. Everybody was off the play ground except Jimmy and me. You know why?

Well because I felt that since mum wasn't there anymore, I should be in charge of looking after little Jimmy. So I didn't want anyone near Jimmy or even on the play ground. According to one of the parents that mum talked to, I didn't hurt anyone or do anything in a threatening way, I just got my point across. Of course, after I saw that mum was back, I went about my own sniffing business and could careless about what was happening on the play ground. Much to mum's surprise, none of the parents there were upset at what happened, and a few of them were actually quite amazed at how I behaved. I was only 11 months old then!

What can I say? I think the two words that mum likes to describe me with are intellectual & intuitive.

3. Once you are considered part of "my pack", I will let you tackle me, bite me on the neck, and even lie on me!!!

This was me with my little 10 week old cousin Meemo. Even though I have no patience for puppies, once I know that they have accepted me as the leader, I do give in to their cuteness!

4. I put up with all the indignities that mum puts me through just to see a smile on her face!

5. I help mum with "gardening"

Since mum hates to mow the lawn, I help her out by taking the grass out by the roots!!

6. I keep mum young by keeping her on her toes all the time!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunshade!

it's really really smart of you to protect your mom and her little brother!! and you're polite about it too :) and i love the wrestling pics.. i've never felt comfortable around the big dogs i've met so far, but i wish i have a friend like you around here! :)

i saw your post in boo's blog.. i think you will have to register with Multiply to leave comments on my blog. that's something i didn't realise when i started my blog with multiply, but now it's a little late to change blogs.. sorry!


Chelsea said...

I am rather impressed with your snarling at the drunk guy story. I love my Mama dearly but, would probably hide behind her if faced with the same situation.

Sigh, what can I say. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Hana said...

Wowie! Sunshade, you actually gotta pet bunny? I keep asking my parents for a pet bunny, but dad says "No." Hmpf!

I noticed in one of the bunny pictures there is a wirey wall nearby. Is that to keep you guys "in" or "out" of something?

Anonymous said...

georgie!! i saw your previous post about your GIANT bunny but wonder why there's no news of him after that! what a wonderful sight of you two together! :-) by the look at the photos, i bet georgie is about the same size as me!!! LOL

your story 1 is touchy. i'll have to agree with chelsea that if i ever encounter such situation, i might hide behind mom instead of protecting her.

as for the customs... mom told me hoomans dress according to festive! guess we'r lucky to be included! :-D

licky wet wet licks


Urban Smoothie Read said...

bunny & hamster??!

pacco's favourite prey...
i think she can sent 'em to heaven within 15 min...

sunshade is so well socialize wit small animals...

Fu Fu said...

Hey Sunshade,
I've voted for you already. I hope you win. ;)
I love the pic of Georgie and Mousie. And the one of you in smiley underwear. hee.. :)

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Hey Chiyo: Ahh...that's what you have to do to leave comments. I will have to get an account then!!

Chelsea: If you were put in that same situation, I think you would have used your supermodel talent to "seduce" him...and get your mama out of trouble...hehe?

Hana: The wire thingy is a doggie exercise pen. Mum puts Georgie in there when she can't watch him so he doesn't go under the fence!

Dear Booboo: Yes I think Georgie is your size, if not bigger LOL. His feet are HUGE!! Now, about that costum thingy, did mum really have to dress me up as an "elf"?? Look at those elfy ears!!!

Amanda & Pacco: Actually, Sunshade was NOT brought up with small animals. However, for some reason, she has alwasy been good to small animals inside the home. She has killed many mice, rats, squirrels, and even a skunk when met outside the house. So I don't know, she's just very ODD.....

Fufu: I love that Joe Boxer underwear one too!! I think I have a rather sexy butt don't you think?


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

T-man Angel said...

You are such a brave lady to protect your mom like that. You have such a sweet face, I can't imagine you being tough like that. My mom thinks I'm too friendly with everyone, so I'd have probably greeted the drunk man, wagging my tail. Oh well!!!

Isabella said...

What a great protector you are! I hope I never have to protect my humans, because I am a scaredy cat-hee hee! I would be hiding behind my humans.

Hey- there is good news about Doogie- check out the link in my most recent blog entry.
Big Wags,

Sam I Am said...

Keep those Critters Out of your yard , ridiculously rude raccoons!! I so injoy your FUNNY TRAIL TALES:woof-woof

Lot's of Lick's

Anonymous said...

Miss Sunshade, every day I am more impressed with your abilities. What a great Aire-girl to protect you Mum and her family. And kind to "little" bunnies!

jaffeboy said...

Hi five, oops four, Sunshade. U the gal.

Sunshade said...

T-man: you hit the nail on the head. Mum also thinks that because I have kind of a cute looking face, people don't take me seriously until I REALLY mean it. I don't think the man would have kicked me if I was a bigger, more convincing looking dog. I'm considering plastic surgery, what do you think about a Rottie head on me?

Isabella: you have to becareful yourself when you're out walking with your mom. I'm worried that because you are so pretty and such an attractive poodle that he might be following "you" and not your mom!! Call me if you need help!

Floss: that was a great video, just very sad..... dont' worry, I made mum watch my "BANG" video afterwards and she coudlnt' stop laughing LOL!

Sam: you hate them raccoons too?? Gee..I know mum sure would like to %$&# them since they made me split my tooth!!

Hey Ellen: Thank you for the nice compliments, but I was just fulfiling my duties as an Airedale!!

Jaffe: I guess you dont' have your dew-claws either eh? Alright, HI FOUR!!!


Love nibbles to you all,
Miss Sunshade