Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As promised, I'm doing a special on my "SunshadeMOBILE". Mum and her friends came up with this name because...well, this car basically has no place for hoo-mans to sit....hehe!

SunshadeMOBILE is a gold, 2000 Ford Focus. We got this car back in the summer of 2000, when I was just 7 months old. I love this car because, well it's MINE (I know how to work the locks inside out), and it has taken me to all kinds of fun places!!

My mum, however, is always telling people to NOT get a Ford Focus, especially not the 2000 model. She says lots of problems seem to just pop up out of no where, including brake problems. Well, I don't know what my mum is talking about, but there's nothing anyone can do to stop me from loving SunshadeMOBILE!!!

I had asked mum to add some decorations,

I couldn't find a plate frame that says "Proud Own-ee of an Airedale Terrier", so I settled for this one. I personally think that mum should feel "honored" to be owned by an Airedale!! To look for a plate with your breed on it, please visit PetPro.

SunshadeMOBILE is a very comfortable place for "me" to be, however, the same can't be said for other two legged creatures . Here are some pictures to show you what I mean:

The back seat is flipped down so that I can have more space.

A bed is put on top of the flipped down back seat so that I have something cushiony to lie on.

More blankets and towels are put on top of the bed for easy wash and change.

Of course, when the back of the seat is flipped down, I get access to the trunk too!! Another bed is put in the trunk to provide the cushiony effect.

This is what I like to do when it gets too hot in the back seat area.........I go hide in the shade in the trunk!!!

I have a toy box in the trunk area that carries my ball-balls, rockies, booties, water, bowl, and anything I decide to bring home with me from my walk.

Now the scene from this picture below has gotten mum into trouble countless times. People have called the SPCA, written down our plate number, reported to Animal Control, called the police when they saw me pop out of the trunk as mum opened the trunk door to put in groceries.

I just like to say "hi" to mum and check out what kind of goodies she's brought me ya know.......

Now, I love my car to the point that I have trained myself to recognize the ignition sound of a Ford Focus. I'm always worried that people might drive MY precious SunshadeMOBILE away, so whenever I hear the ignition of a Ford Focus, I have to drag mum over to make sure it isn't SunshadeMOBILE that they are driving away.

Sometimes when I'm being a terrier and don't want to leave the beach/park to go home, mum would open one of the back doors, get in the driver's seat, and start the ignition. As soon as I hear the ignition of SunshadeMOBILE, I get panicky, and would drop whatever I'm doing to run as fast as I could to the car and jump in like a flash!!

This video demonstrates what I mean: see how I ignored mum when she said "Sunshade come ooon".

This is just another example of the
mind games you sometimes have to play, when you are owned by an Airedale, in order for life to go smoothly!!

Of course, mum would only use this trick in a safe situation. Otherwise, she would just resort to the old beg & bribe, hope for the best method.


Unknown said...

Hi Sunshade,
My, your SunshadeMOBILE is sooooo cool! Snickers & I wish we had one of those! At least Mama's car (Camry) has back seats that can fold down too and you can get to the trunk. But we are just too dang spoiled to sit back there. We have to sit in the front with Mama and have our faces stuck up onto the air conditioning vents to keep cool! She does hook us up to the seat belt so we can't get hurt, but we'd rather sit in her lap. We should find Mama a Fox Terrier license plate holder. And where did you find your decorative sign for the window?? Since Mama's last name is Lamb, her license plate is BAAAAAA! woof woof!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

you should call the sunshademobile as your 2nd home!

btw, i wonder what explanation your mom has to give to the animal control/spca or anyone that come looking for your mom (after the complaints).

now you have given mom some idea on how to make me feel even more comfortable for my car ride.

licky wet wet licks


Hana said...

Hello Miss Sunshade! Hee hee, I like your Sunshade Mobile! Your mom is very creative. She apparently loves you very much to redecorate the car for you. If a human is sitting in the back with you, I somehow think they don't appreciate the luxuries like you do!

Thanks for visiting my blog Miss Sunshade!


Fu Fu said...

Hi Sunshade,
The SunshadeMOBILE is so cool and comfy and you look so cute in the pictures. I wish i had my own mobile too. Then I can get around places.

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Hey Butchy & Snickers: BAAAA is just too funny!! My mum got the sign at a dog show (she used to show a Bouvier). She said she will keep a look out for Wire Fox Terrors!! You can check out WFT licence plate frames here.
( and (
I hope those show up, if not, e-mail mum ok??

Booboo: well one Animal Control officer showed up at our house, I guess they checked the plate number, but she left saying "what a lucky dog she is!!". Usually, mum waits 'til the angry people calm down a bit, and ask them nicely if they would like to see "inside" the car. Of course, they all ended up with red faces LOL.

Hana: Thanks for visiting!! You are quite right, most people don't like to "lie" in the back with me LOL!!

Fufu: Don't they have those wheels in a car for hamsters?? Here's an idea for "FufuMOBILE"!!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I think the glove box could be converted to the FuFu castle. I mean who the heck wears gloves anyway?

Sunshade, is your Mom Italian stuffing you in the trunk like on of the Sopranos?

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Sunshade, quite honestly I expected to see pictures of you driving your mom around town. YOu are such a clever and beautiful girl.

Wired for Mackie said...

Oh Sunshade, I just knew you were the girl for me the second I saw you and now I find out how clever you are and how much you like to ride and I know it was kismet. I love to ride too, but mom says I'm a terrible rider because I won't sit still in the car, I whine when I hear a turn signal or think we are almost at our destination and I try to sit on mom's lap when we are moving. Mom got me a seat belt, but I hate that thing! My mom got a Honda Element for me with a "Got Wire Fox" sticker on the back. My mom likes how your seat was folded down. You are such a wonderful girl!

Your lover boy,

Life with Ozzy said...

Mom said you looked very cute in your car. She does understand what your mom is saying since we had a 2001 Ford Focus and had numerous problems. It was so bad mom just finally sent the car to the junkyard it was a total pile of poop!
Looks like the carwash was a fun time for you. I usually go beserk with the hoses.

Wirey hugs,

Unknown said...

Hi Sunshade,
Thank your Mommy for the links. Our Mama found some cool Wire Fox Terrier things on there for her to buy! Have you seen the nasty mail man yet today? He better have your package. You could be right, those doggies that sniff for things, probably smelled our scent and knew that it was doggie clothes inside the package. They probably took it and buried it somewhere for safe keeping.
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers & Mama getting more mad each day that mean ol postman doesn't have your package.

Anonymous said...

sunshade, your mom is really thoughtful to make so many improvisations in the car for your comfort! :) i wish my HM had a car of her own too, so she wouldn't need to bundle me into a carrier bag each time we go out and pretend that she doesn't have a wriggling dog anywhere about her person! :)


e said...

Hi Sunshade!
You are so cute and I loved the post about the Sunshade mobile. Hope you have heaps of adventures. Love the pics especially!

Fei & E

T-man Angel said...

Sunshade - What a luxury to have a bed and box of toys in your own car!! You're riding in style. No wonder you run to the car :)

Isabella said...

I love your car, Sunshade! It's the perfect color for you, and you look smashing in it. I need to have my Human take a picture of me in my car.
Big Wags,

Unknown said...

Hey Sunshade,
Are you up for a game?? TAG, YOU'RE IT!!!! We've been tagged by Banba, so go check out our blog today to see how to play!!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,
Those were lovely pics! You are so lucky to get your very own SunshadeMOBILE.. with a toy box no less!!
I only get to sit on mum's lap when dad's driving.. *pouts*

Warm, Wet licks -
Huskee Boy

Sunshade said...

Buster: You would think that my mum's Italian wouldn't you by the way she "stuffs" me in the trunk LOL.

HI Ellen: Driving is next on my list, I'm still trying to learn how to use the Excel Spread sheet. Hopefully you still have that job opening for me...hehe?

My dear lover boy Mackie: You are lucky to have a Honda Element, mum loves that car!! I move around in the car a lot too.... I like to stand my front legs on the elbow rest, and have my back legs on the back seat (like what you saw at the end of that video)! Mum says it's a bad habbit and she always tells me to "go BACK"....

Ozzy: I'm not gonna let mum read your comment since I'm worried she might take SunshadeMOBILE to the same place where your 2001 Focus ended up........ I dont' think I'll be able to live if she did that..SIGH. Hey, I attack hoses too!!!

Butchy & Snickers: I think I need your mama over here to yell at the post man!!! Still NO PACKAGE!!! Thanks for tagging me, I will get on it as soon as I can.

Chiyo: You are small enough to be in a purse, which means your mum can sneak you into all kinds of places. I would love to have that kind of luxury too!! I"m not sure if you read this, but if you do, please let me know how I can leave comments on your blog. Do I need to sign up an account?

Fei: I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures. I really do love my SunshadeMOBILE, mum on the other hand.....

T-man and Huskee Boy: hehe, toy box is a MUST! When I get bored waiting for mum, I crawl into the trunk and get myself a good stick or smoked bone to gnaw on until she's back!!

Isabella: I love my car's colour too, thanks for the compliment! You have such great fashion senses, are all poodles born with that?

MUAH to all my friends!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Life with Ozzy said...

Wait Sunshade you attack hoses too? Oh you're definitely cool in my book! Do you also go in the shower and attack the showerhead like I do? We have one that you can take off the wall and mom let's me going to town on that one. Such fun! Don't worry if your mom gets rid of your car maybe you can get a cooler looking one. We did and it's bigger too!
Hope you get your order soon from Butchy & Snickers mom!
Wirey hugs,

Charlie said...

Great wheels, Sunny! And I love those mind games, too. "Gosh, mom, I just didn't hear you until you said the word 'treats'"! Hahahhaha - she falls for it everytime...
- Chuck

Anonymous said...

Sunshade you have the coolest car....I'm going to put a bug in Mums just maybe she'll fix ours up. Come see me...Bella