Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BAD computer.......

This afternoon, out of no where, mum came up to me and said " Sunshade, you have my permission to go chew up the computer, pee on it, poop on it, or do whatever you want with it! "

I, of course, was a little puzzled at mum's abrupt comment since wasn't chewing, peeing, pooping indoors bad, nevermind doing it to or on the computer??

So I gave mum the " HUH?? " look.

Then mum totally lost it, she started yelling " YOU JUST GO CHEW THE *beep* THING UP FOR *beep* SAKE!!" (ok, that didn't really happen, but mum looked like she was ready to kill the computer any minute..)

As it turned out, mum had lost the auction of my painting due to technical difficulties with the computer. Mum kept the computer on all night last night and guarded the computer the entire morning (even the most aggressive canine would not have wanted to mess with her!) , and I guess the computer finally had had enough. We were the high bidder until 5 minutes before the auction ended when mum decided to clicked on the "refresh" button which sent the computer into freezing mode. Mum had to un-plug the main power cord to restart the computer, but by the time she was back online, it was over, we were outbid.

Mum had never bid on e-Bay before so she really didn't know how things work on there (ie, last minute bidding). She has just NOW figured out what the maximum bid box meant (the maximum amount of money you're willing to bid on an item). If she had known about it, she would have......... well, lets just say she would not have lost the auction. Sigh...all I have to say is.... she certainly is NO Airedale!! (*ahem*... someone is glaring at me!)

I know mum really wanted the painting because it was the first painting anyone has ever done of me, and because she didn't win it, she was in a bad mood all day. It made me a little sad too seeing mum sad,

So I decided to be a good dogter and go chew up the computer to cheer mum up................

*drum roll*


I was reminded of all my blogging buddies as I approached the computer. Being the smart, witty, cool headed girl that I am, I decided not to act irrational (unlike someone...). Even though I am *almost* just as disappointed about not getting my painting as mum, I know I'll live (not sure about mum tho). Had I destroyed my computer, I don't think I can survive without my blogging friends!!

Maybe I'll get mum a print to cheer her up?

Last note: I think the fact that the person who ended up with the painting is *not* my mum speaks a lot about the painting itself and the painter, Barbara Keigher. Don't think you should be hanging up your brushes anytime soon Barbara!!

XOXO Miss Sunshade


Jay said...

Oh dear.. it must be frustrating to lose the auction in this matter. Hmmmm... maybe you could take her out for a walkie?

I love walkie and will cheer up, no matter what!

Anonymous said...

oh no sunshade! i was so sure you would win the bid and get the painting! but at least it was for charity, and you can comfort your mom that there is someone out there who loves dogs just as much as her (and even loves an unknown dog!) no matter who the painting ends up with, i'm sure it will cheer them up no end to see those flapping ears of yours :)

does barbara accept commissions for paintings? maybe can ask her if she would do another one just for your mom :)


Anonymous said...

You can contact the person who won the painting... explain the situation. In the past, I've had luck with this. If the buyer is friendly - they will usually sell to you for the price they purchased it for or for a little more. Definitely worth a shot. You can contact them through Ebay.

Maximillian the Valliant said...

My sweet fluffy queen,

Since meeting you there is no shade, only sun in my life. Shakespeare says "a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet" but I know that an Airdale of any other name would not be as sweet.

Love and butt sniffs
(I'm feeling a bit mushy today)

Anonymous said...

I've had this happen to me too and it's soooooooooooooooo frustrating!!!!! I usually make myself feel better by heading over to Barbara's CafePress and buying a sweatshirt with "YOUR" painting on it! And now you have the painting you lost on ebay and it keeps you warm and cozy when you're out walking Sunshade on these gorgeous autumn days.

Sue and Maggie - who have a LOT of CafePress sweatshirts but we're not losers, we're winners!

Anonymous said...

Y'know, there's a way to contact the winner and see if they will sell it to you! PM my Mom on the forum and she can tell you how.

Licks and treats for your Mom - and she still has the original!

Bussie Kissies

Chicote said...

My mom and dad have had that problem with ebay. She always contacts the seller and ask if they have more or can get more.

Chelsea said...

Nobody's nastier than my Mama when she's mad. Seeing as I am her precious fur child she never takes it out on me. Just papa. Poor guy, gotta love him.

Mama lost my blog recently and got it back. We understand your computer woes.

keep smiling lovely...


Tigersan said...

Make sure you don't do anything like that to the computer if it is plugged in! Ouch :0

T-man Angel said...

It's lucky us doggies don't actually have to USE the computers. We can avoid all that headache. That's why it's great being a dog!!

I'm sorry that you have a sad face today. I hope you can get another copy of your picture. Maybe Barbara can sell your mom a print.

Good luck, and I'm glad you didn't chew up the computer. We'd all miss our favorite "superdale"!!

PS: I think that Maximilliam has a crush on you :)

Fu Fu said...

Oh your poor mom. Good thing you didn't chew the computer Sunshade, else it'll be hard for us to see your blog. Let's hope Barbara does another painting for your mum. ;)

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

Thanks guys, you're the best! You guys have proved that I made the right decision by not chewing up my comuter.

You're so right, my mum does have the ORIGINAL!!


Love nibbles to all,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

Hi sunshade, Barbara the artist here:

I will do all of the above for you mommy, cuz I am so in love with your royal cuteness Airedale...Miss Sunshade!!!

I will make a print,
and I already put some stuff on cafe Press
and will do a re-paint painting.

I will have to change it a little the first buyer has an "original"

I may just make flower background, and perhaps change the color of your collar, or remove it altogether.

But "fear not" ...maybe I can get it done before Christimas.

Anyway, I am painting another painting of YOU right now!!!

So tell mum to cheer up....she has you and I am an easy going artiste LOL

Barbara Keigher