Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Car Wash

Since I want to debut the "SunshadeMOBILE" to everybody, I had asked mom to please take my dirty car in for a bath. Mom, of course, couldn't say no to me...hehe! So after my walk at the park, mom pulled into a Chevron Gas Station and paid $8.99 for the "WORKS wash" - yes, that's what it was called. There were the FAST wash, the DELUXE wash, and the WORKS wash.........

While we were waiting in line for SunshadeMOBILE's bath, I decided not to waste any of my precious time and took upon the job of window cleaning.

You know, what I don't understand is, how come the more I "cleaned", the more streaks appeared??

Anyway, so I cleaned and cleaned until finally, it was SunshadeMOBILE's turn to get her bath!!

We are entering, we are entering!!!

OK, so what came with the WORKS wash were:

  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Tri-Colour Soak
  • Under Car Rust Inhibitor
  • Spot Free Rinse & Dry
  • Power Jet Wheel Wash
  • Hot Foam Bath

I'm just so glad that I don't need to get Tri-Colour Soak, or be coated with a Clear Coat Protectant, and certainly not a hot foam bath!!!

Upon entering the car wash, a huge mechanical arm came from the front of SunshadeMOBILE, to the sides, and then the back spraying water all over her followed by the Hot Foam Bath.

I was a little confused with all the noise and the mechanical arm....... I kept my eyes on the mechanical arm though, ready to get out of the way anytime LOL

Then the machine spat out the Tri-Coloured foam - pink, blue, yellow, and a huge scrubbing brush started rubbing against SunshadeMOBILE.
I wouldn't say I was afraid, but I was definitely more confused with the noise and the vibration that came with the huge brush.........

Finally, we were near the end of this daunting experience............. All that was left was the drying part, where poor SunshadeMOBILE had to move through those huge blowing dryers. I feel sorry for my car, because I HATE those wind blowing things too!!!

I think next time, I'll just do my own cleaning with my super effective tongue!!!


Anonymous said...

your "window cleaning job" just like my "ear and face cleaning job". sadly, i can't even reach the window of mom's car so can't help her with the windows!

licky wet wet licks


Jay said...

Sunshade... if you were to use your tongue to clear your mum's car, will it be too tiring for you? A car is so big!

Wired for Mackie said...

Sunshade, my dear. I love watching you in video! My mom says to tell you that we can't go through car washes anymore because I am an attack dog when it comes to the hose so I try to get through the glass to the water. I scratched up mom's dash doing it once and she's never let me live it down since!

Your lover boy, Mackie

Unknown said...

Gee, you are lucky Sunshade, our Mama & Papa have never taken us to the car wash yet! We wonder why?? Of course with living on old gravel dirt roads, Mama doesn't wash her car too much anyways cause by the time she would get it home, it would be all dirty again! She says why waste the money? We agree, more money for treats & toys, hehehehe! Don't wear out your licker! Did you attack the postman today??? Think we'll have to come help you!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

T-man Angel said...

Sunshade - I like your intelligent looks on the videos as you go through the car wash. You look like you're trying to figure how the machinery works. And you are so nice to clean the windows too. I'm too lazy to do that for my mom.


ranger said...

do you know sunshade?, that for the first time today i saw the windshield wipers on the car!!! well i promptly barked at them. seriously! what are those things? big sloppy kisses to you!


Sunshade said...

OH Booboo: You are so sweet that you clean your mama's face and ears. I'll clean my car no problem, but no my mum's face I tell ya LOL..

Hey Jay: yeah I realized after cleaning all those windows that the entire car might be too big... But I don't want to put my car through that scary experience again you know!

Oh my Dear Mackie: you are so brave........ just my kind of man - "ATTACK man"!!! hehe...next time, try not to damage your mama's car ok?

Butchy & Snickers: oh well, I can see why your mama doesn't want to go through the car wash since the car is just gonna get dirty again. BTW..I tried to attack the post man today because he still didn't bring my package, but mum stopped me.....(she always has to spoil things for me you know...)

T-man: it was a little confusing for me LOL. I was concerned about what the "arms" were doing to my SunshadeMOBILE.....

Ranger: You must live in the warm part of the world to see the windshield wipers just today, you lucky boy!

MUAH to all my friends!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade