Sunday, August 06, 2006

Night Market (Aug.5.06)

Last night, mom decided to take grandpa and aunty Lin to the Richmond night market to walk around and get some snacks to eat. The Richmond night market are opened every weekend during the summer months, starting at 7 o'clock at night until midnight. Because mom just got home last night from her two week trip to Taiwan, I had been sort of a "velcro dog" (afraid to let mom out of my sight). So I begged mom to take me with them to the night market. My sad little eyes worked and mom gave in and put me in the car!! I was so happy because I knew not only was I able to spend time with my mommy, I was gonna get lots of yummy treats at the night market...hehehehe!

Grandpa and me ready for the crowd!

We walked around the crowded night market where a lot of people stopped to pet me and questioned grandpa and mom about my breed and about me. The comment they got the most anout me was "oh my god, your dog looks like a toy (or a stuffed animal, or looks fake)". Some people wanted to take pictures with me so mom put me in a sit "stay" position and went to stand behind the camera until the picture was taken.

I'm a STUFFY??

Finally, mom told my fan club that the little star (me) had to go EAT!!! I was so happy to hear that because honestly, with all that mouth watering aroma coming from the food vendors nearby, I could barely keep my focus on all the flashing cameras. We walked around the food stands, because mom was trying to find something not too oily or salty for me to eat. Finally we came to a skewer vendor who was selling chicken, beef, and pork skewers at 3 for $5.00. So mom bought two chicken and a beef for me!!

Look at me with my skewers,

As you might know from my other posts, "patience" is not really a word in my vocab yet

I think mom's trying to eat my skewer even tho she said she was testing to see if it was cooled enough

FINALLY!! Ok, I don't usually look this vicious when I eat........

Then mom bought some Chinese custard cake........and I couldn't help but DROOL.....

Grandpa was telling me "Sunshade NOOO more food", I was so sad so I gave him the sad puppy eyes...LOL

YES! My sad puppy eyes worked with grandpa, so mom gave me a piece!!!

After all that food, it was time for all of us to move around to allow proper digestion (I learned it from watching Animal Planet). So we walked around all the different vendors. It's amazing all the different kinds of stuff they had; from broom sticks, to pirated CD's and DVD's, to cell phone accessories, to doggie clothes (I was WAY too big for any of them LOL), to people clothes, and accessories, and lots lots more.

Grandpa and me are READY to shop!!!

I was hoping that I would be able to find some chic clothing that would fit me, but nothing they had over there would fit over my deep chest and broad shoulders. Then this lady at the dog clothing vender store brought our her little miniature poodle who was wearing a yellow girly hat and a skirt and 4 little pink boots. I honestly felt sympathetic toward the little poodle because he was a "BOY" to begin with, and for him to have to put up with all that clothing.......must be very uncomfortable. However, as soon as the lady put the poor little guy down to the ground, he came after me, baring all his teeth, and went straight for my nose. All of a sudden, I felt all my blood rushing to my head and all the sympathy I had for him turned into anger. Mom could tell I was really angry, so she kept telling me to "LEAVE HIM" (he was not on a leash) and distracted me with the rest of my skewer. One thing you need to know about Airedales is that we will usually never start an argument, but once challenged, we will give us all and not back down. Reluctantly, I ignored the little crazy poodle and walked away with mom (thanks to the skewers).

I continued to shop upon finishing my skewer as if nothing had happened. We walked around and I got a little thirsty, so I was looking at all the vendors to see if they offered some sort of "re-hydration".

Hmmm......only glue sticks and socks??

I found it found it!!!! Can I have a bottle of juice/tea please?? I don't have $2.00, how about a slobbery kiss?

Grandpa bought a bottle for himself and gave me my water that he had brought with him. He explained it to me that too much sugar is bad for my teeth. Since he's my grandpa, I had to listen to him.......

Then all of a sudden, I felt my bladder was expanding and I was getting ready to pee. Mom noticed me sniffing the stands trying to find a perfect spot to pee. Of course, that was not acceptable, so mom walked me around to see if we could find some grassy area for me to go "pee-pee".

I have NO IDEA why mom wouldn't let me pee on those pink flowers!!! She said something like those were for sale, but I mean those smell like the kind of things I usually pee on. So I had to hold my pee for another while....SIGH....if I get bladder problems, then it's all mom's fault for NOT LETTING ME PEE in a totally appropriate place!!

Finally, we came upon what I think was the only patch of grass of the entire fairground and I was able to relieve myself.

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