Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mom's back!!! (Aug.4.2006)

I was in Victoria all day with grandpa on Thursday and Friday visiting my old friends. Grandpa told me my dear mommy was coming back and that we were going to pick her up. I didn't exactly understand what he was saying, but I knew he was talking to me about something exciting because I felt it!!! We caught the eight o'clock sailing from Swartz Bay (Victoria) to Tsawwassen (Vancouver) and arrived at the terminal at about 9:30pm.

On the way to the airport, mom called and grandpa let me listen to mom's voice on the cell phone. I listened for a bit, but the reception wasn't very good so I moved away because I didn't like all the noises I was hearing.

The airport has always been a sad place for me because I saw people who I loved (ie, grandpa and Veronica) leave. However, this time was different!!! I was excited to get to the airport. Grandpa walked me up from the arrival terminal to the departure terminal because mom had gone upstairs to get a coffee. As soon as I got to the departure terminal, I started "air-scenting", which means I was picking up all the smells that were carried in the air. I had picked up mom's scent and I was trying to see which way it was coming from. My work was cut short however, because mom had spotted me first!!!

Grandpa and me - I had spotted mom and my ears went all the way back b/c I was just way too happy!!!

I was ALL OVER mom!

More "nibble nibbles" since I give love "bites" rarely kisses.....

People at the airport watched our reunion with smiles on their faces. Many came over to say hello, and to give their compliments. I of course, was a very well behaved, well socialized girl and wagged my tail to all of my admirers.

Me socializing!

My dear mom took out a little bag of Taiwanese bread with coconut whip cream that she'd brought back with her from Taiwan and made me sit for it. It was so yummy!! Mom likes to bring me "something", could be something big or something little, but always something when she comes back from being away just so that I would be that much more happier about seeing her.

Manners first

Good "sit" Sunshade!!

This is the last photo mom and I took before we left the airport.

Excuse me, but I was still a little tired from all the excitement...

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