Saturday, August 26, 2006

Meet "Teeka"

Ok, I'm writing this post AGAINST my wishes!!! My EVIL mom is threatening to give my knuckle bone to the raccoons if I don't act with proper demeanor................... So here it goes:

My acting class was canceled for this week, so mom said we were going to Buntzen Lake. I was just beside myself, full of anticipation ----- UNTIL ------- we got there and met:

The 4 months old "Teeka"

Seriously, my mother almost "melted" when she saw Teeka. She told me "Go play Sunshade" without even LOOKING at me, and went to pet Teeka!! I mean, what kind of mother ignores her own dogter and goes all mushy over somebody else's dogter??

To me, this is not an acceptable behavior from a mother, doesn't matter how ADORABLY CUTE Teeka is!! I'm suppose to be in the center of the attention ALL THE TIME you know?

I stood on the sideline watching my mother drool (literally) over little Teeka, and finally, I couldn't stand it anymore...... I marched over, growled my way in between mom and Teeka, and gave Teeka a harsh growl with the "killer look". Poor little Teeka (mom told me to put the word "poor" in), got my point and went to play with somebody else.


My ANNOYING mother wanted to get some pictures of me and Teeka together, so she made me "sit" and "stay" while Teeka's mom put Teeka into a "sit-stay" too. (mom is looking over my shoulders as I type and she said I have to put the following sentence in: a 4 months old puppy did a better "sit-stay" than an almost 7 year old sassyDALE who thinks SHE'S ALL THAT!! )

Uh huh, whatever you say mom, whatever you say.... Teeka just hasn't yet learned all the basics of being an Airedale - RULE # 1: ONLY do what you are asked to do if YOU feel whoever is doing the asking is behaving well. In this case, my mother was going all mushy over somebody else's kid, so she was not behaving appropriately, and I had every right to refuse her "sit-stay" command!!!

Anyway, so here are the photos:

Teeka was looking at my precious ball, so I gave her the "don't you dare" look......... (mom says: SORRY little Teeka... )

Mom kept wanting me to play with Teeka, but I absolutely refused. I refuse to play with young puppies, ESPECIALLY CUTE little ones like Teeka because I need to be "the center of the universe" and NOT them!!

I'll play with the big guys no problem,

or should I say Big Dales, such as "Basil"?

Ok, I have to go now, I have more POUTING to do!!!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Don't let Mackie see her!!!!

Bussie Kissies

Toby said...

Sunshade, you did the right thing. How dare your Mommy direct her attention elsewhere??!?!? My memory tells me that my mom has done that in the past. Oohing and Awwing over a cute pup. Hello?? What am I? Chopped Liver??

Yuo show them who's boss!


Kevin the Collie said...

Sunshade, Mummies can be very fickle like that. My Mum did the same to me this week with a little Schnauzer puppy so I turned my back on her! You had a great time in the water anyway, it looked fab

Hugs and Licks