Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bath time......

I was so happy about mom being back, but look at what she did to me the first thing we got home.........

She put me in the BATH TUB!!!!

Mom said I smelled like the beach (because I'd been swimming everyday), so she wanted to wash all the salt off me. Sometimes I get itchy skin if I don't get all the salt water rinsed off me.

Having my face shampooed (is that a word??)

Now rinse....I HATE to have my head rinsed.....I like to keep my head stinky!

I think mom is also planning on clipping my hair AGAIN because she is using that special conditioner on my legs to make brushing easier since I have such a thick and dense coat.

This was my big chance to make a run for it since mom had her back (or big butt) to me, unfortunately, grandpa was there taking the picture.................


The following is dedicated to all my canine buddies who suffer the same fate - being bathed- as me.... This is the fastest way to get that stinky shampoo smell off you and all the excess water as well. Please pay close attention to the demonstration:

FIRST - you want to start by rubbing your head under something, maybe a bed, or a pillow, or a blanket, or anything you can find that absorbs water.

Second - You just start by your face, then work your way down to the neck by pressing the side (alternating sides) of your face down to the carpet (most effective) and push around with your hind legs. Like so:

LASTLY - to get rid of the excess water in your hind end, you can go find the biggest stuffy you have at home or, if worse comes to worst, you can always borrow your mom's pillow....... Basically you want to "hump" it with fast yet rhythmic hip actions like I have demonstrated below. I guarantee you that after a few quite hip actions, you will no longer have any water droplets in your hind end!! I have been doing this for over 4 years now and it has worked great for me.

Hope this helps!! Until next time....................... XOXOXO Miss Sunshade

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