Saturday, August 26, 2006

Some other pictures from today

I was not happy about how mom had behaved, so I took my anger out on the "Bad Rockie" that won't float!!!

Some other pictures from Buntzen Lake:

Yummy stick

Ready to make the lunge......

OOPS...missed this one...

"NICE and CLEAN Sunshade.....good girl..."

Look at that, I blend in with the dried grass!!

Pardon me mom?? Did you say bones?

OK, I'm not mad at you anymore mom!!


Anonymous said...

"Blend in with the grass"

i can't agree more!

love, boo

T-man Angel said...

You are such a cutie!!! I know what you mean about needing to be the center of the universe. Your mom owes you big time for taking her attention off you. At least you had fun swimming. I'm going to ask my mom to take me there, but it would be a LONG car ride (thousands of miles!)