Monday, August 07, 2006

Dear Grandpa

Dearest Grandpa,

I am so sad that you had to leave me yet again, but I know you will be back soon to visit, right??

Today after you and aunty Lin went through the security gate at the airport, I stood just outside the gate for another 10 minutes at least. I thought you guys might come back. Many people came over to pet me, kids were taking turns wrapping their arms around my neck. I, however, tolerated their outbursts of enthusiasm but paid no attention to them because I was so focused on the gate. Eventually, I gave up waiting because I remembered from my previous airport experiences, once people walk through that DEVIL gate, they get swallowed and don't come back.

On our way back to the parking lot, I was trying to sniff every single Asian man that came within reach hoping that one of them would be you............ SIGH... Everytime I sniffed someone, mom would say to me "he's ALL GONE", which to me means whatever I'm looking for is gone or no longer there. I got the point and walked back to the car the speed of a slug, where mom had to lift me up into the car.

Thank you grandpa for taking such good care of me. Even though I did miss mom at times, you made my everyday life interesting with lots and lots of beach walks!! THANK YOU THANK YOU, and I LUB YOU (have always ever since I was 7 weeks old!!)!!

Come back soon ok?? Sending lots of love nibbles over....

ps. I'm sending you this picture of you playing with my ear and me covering my eye with my paw.

pps. I LUB this picture of you, you look so ........ "knowledgeable" and "youthful" HAHAHA!!

Take care, and love you always!

Sunshade August.7.2006

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