Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Grandpa's updates

July.23.2006 :

"Sunshade looked a little bit sad, but she eat and drink well. We'll bring her to go to the beach maybe in fifteen minutes."


Mom asked: More updates please......is her mood better today? happier?

"Sunshade becomes much better than yesterday. We went to Stanley park this afternoon, she was very happy but we couldn't enter the aouarium. I wanted to bring her to see the belugas,and i got a little disappointment. afterall we saw many squirrels. Rabbit is ok!"


"Sunshade went to the beach again, she is happy then. But when she got home, still looked a little slow. those two days she slept on the 2nd floor, she came to us. everyone is ok, don't worry!"


Mom wrote: Does she still run home to try to look for me? Give her lots of treats and hide them inside the house to have her look for them, she likes that game. Make sure you tell her to sit and stay some where she can't see where you are putting the treats, and then tell her "OK" to go look for them. Or put rocks in her kiddie pool for her to play, but make sure she doesn't chew on the rock once she brings it out.

"Yes, she always rush home to see if you are at home. We play rock in the kiddie pool everyday, she likes it. She didn't eat the rock. I would try to hide some treats to play with her later on. We went to the beach this afternoon, she swam a lot, and play with other dogs on the dog's beach. She is happy."


"Sunshade is fine, we went to the park yesterday, because it's overcast and a little bit cold, I think it's not good for swim. We're going to the beach today. She is a little bit afraid of fire work so we stayed home with her. Sunshade's leg looks fine."


"Sunshade is same as usual, We went to beach, Stanley park or other park every other day. I didn't see any problem on her legs, of course she didn't run. She is not as sad as last week now."


"I will take Sunshade with me to Victoria tomorrow ( 8/3 Thursday). Do not miss your plane! Sunshade is expecting you."


"We will see you in the Van. airport. Sunshade looked exciting, She bit balls ran and played in back yard, just like a young kid. I think maybe she feels you would be back soon or we're going to Victoria? "

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