Monday, April 29, 2013

Colours of Spring

Mum and I went for our weekly campus walk at the University of British Columbia. Waiting for mum's ok to cross the road,

This is a beautiful campus. Mum went to school here, now Uncle Jimmy is going to school here. I have been walking on this campus for almost 12 years now!!

Many people take walks here. The man behind me brought his ailing grandmother (maybe?) for a nice spring day walk. STINKY went with Bikeman Mike today, so mum and I got to do a serene walk together.

Flowers are starting to bloom, (mum: The quality of these pictures are a lot better if you click on the pics to enlarge them. Blogger compresses the photos to a lower quality.)

What do you think? Is SuperRED my colour?? Goes with my harness at least,

The sun was shining into my eyes, so I was squinting a bit.....

Cooling down on cool dirt,

Now, I would like to show you sequence of a SuperYAWN! (You know, when somebody keeps on taking pictures none stop!)

You done?

Not yet? Ok, wake me up when you're done.

Time for lunch at Triple-O's mum!!!

Mum was a Buzz Kill... said she wasn't hungry... 

Off we went to my favourite ivy mountain to play the pine cone game. 

Throw the pine cone NOW!!

Here I go!!!

Got it!!

My pine cone, don't take......

Ok, I'm ready for another round mum!!

Throw it!!!!

Found it!!

My pine cone ok??? (mum: those piercing eyes of hers... they see right through me. Much better quality if you enlarge the pictures.)

Then I spotted something...... can you see it?? You can click on the pictures to biggify. 

I went to say HELL-LOOOOOOOOO!

He didn't want to say hello to me... I have no idea why... what a rude critter! (mum: I wonder why!)

Then we came across these bootiful yellow tulips, 

I noticed many hoomans having their pictures taken with the lovely tulips as well,

They smelled very nice,

I enlarged my nostrils in order to inhale more of the breathtaking fragrance,

Are yellow and blue my colours???

Oh, mum had to very careful with how she positioned me so my SuperMUSCLE-BUTT didn't crush any tulips,

After not crushing the tulips, we walked by Koerner Library and saw a bunch of huge alien bed!!! They weren't there last week!

I tested them out, they were very comfy!!

Can we bring one home mum??

 Look! More alien beds throughout the campus!!

We then dropped by the Student Union Building (SUB) because mum needed to go mark her territory. I hadn't been in there for a while. Some of you may remember that I went to mum's lectures with her when she was in school (I was only 18 months old!!). So these are my old stomping grounds. 

Mum went in one of these tiny stalls. It was too small for me to go in too, so she left me outside. I didn't like that she locked me out, so I started crying (mum: more like wailing.). Someone was already in a stall when we went in, and the person yelled out to mum and asked if mum was ok. She thought mum was crying (mum: wailing!).

(mum: Sunshade's voice has gotten hoarse as she got older, and when she really gets going crying, it can sometimes sound like a hysterical person crying lol!)

They had a good laugh after they both came out of their stalls. 

SuperNOT funny, I'm leaving!!

We went to look at some bee houses, 

They are for the Orchard Mason Bees. Mum said to not try to catch them or they would sting me.....

Ouch! I have been stung by bees before, and they hurt (but that really just makes me want to catch them even more). I'm cringing just thinking about the pain! (but I still would like to decapitate them)

After visiting the Mason Bees, I really needed to cool off. Can you spot me? 

So I started doing this.... and then got buzz killed again, 

You hurt my SuperFEELINGS mum, not talking to you.....

Nope, still not talking to you Evil mum!

We eventually came to a compromise where mum said I could dig as much as I wanted when we get home, in MY yard. So off we went.

My SuperNOSE picked up an ever so familiar scent.....

And I started looking......

and looking!!!

and looking.......

A SuperDALE should have wings right??? And no mum, if it was a skunk, I would have been running mad circles around him, but huge circles, way out of shooting range circles!!! (mum: learned her lesson haha! Took one time only. Hard to believe she's 13.5 already... I remember walking her on this campus in between classes. She would chase the squirrels all over the place!)

I hope you had an eventful Sunday like I did! Until next time!!


Duke said...

You are such a beautiful girl, Sunshade, and you look so pretty posing with all of the colorful flowers! It's a tough choice but we think you look best with the red ones!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Wow, I hope that my dad will take me out there too. We live father away so it would be a bit of a drive. But we're glad that you two had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunshade,
My name is Jazz and I'm a 12 1/2 year old Airedale from North Carolina. I loved reading about your Sunday adventure with your mum. Looking forward to additional stories soon. We found you on YouTube and delighted in your movies. I was especially touched by the story of your Guinea piggies. I love box turtles and we have 7 in our fenced in backyard. Mostly I just sniff them. I have been blind for about 9-10 months now but I do OK with help from my mom. We are also a good team and bonded to the core. You can check out some of my pictures on my mom's Facebook page. Looking forward to being friends.
Jazz (Sunibeck's All that Jazz)

The Daily Pip said...

Hi - I just came over from Mitch and Molly's blog. I am sending all my good thoughts and hope you feel better very soon!

Your pal, Pip