Saturday, April 13, 2013

April Fools Un-jokes

We went to a sport's center to watch some baseball, 

Can you spot me?

When we got home, mum took out the clippers.

Grooming? Nice April Fools Day joke mum! (Or so I thought!!!)

But noooooo, it wasn't a joke!

She really, seriously, clipped me! (mum: that's the colour of her hair from the top of her head! I don't know where all the dark colouring is coming from!!)

Look at my bald head!

Can you believe it?? What a not very nice April Fools Day un-joke!!

Is that how it's gonna be? 

Alrighty then! Here's my April Fools Day un-joke for you, 

Happy April Fools Day mum!!!

Oh and remember that cute piggie key chain someone gave you for Easter? 

I took it, 

And rolled all over it. Happy April Fools Day again mum!!

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