Saturday, June 01, 2013

Peachy Hearts

Guess WHAT!!

Do you notice something different about me??? No, it's not my ear. I just put it up to listen to your answers!

A Royal parcel came for me allllll the way from the UK!

Inside the parcel, there was this beautiful Peachy Hearts panama made for me by Miss Jacquie of Dogs Togs

Miss Jacquie started out as my SuperFAN on my SuperDALE Facebook Page (public) because she liked my SuperNOSE, 

My SuperFACE, 

And of course, my SuperMUSCLE-BUTT!!!

So when Miss Jacquie read in one of the comments that mum was looking to have another pair of jammies made for me, she said she was going to SuperMAKE one for me!!!

Now do you want to know something SuperCOOL?? 

Wait, let me come to you to tell you......

Ok, I'm here now. Thanks for waiting. 

So about the SuperCOOL thing that happened.... This is what Miss Jacquie wrote after mum picked out the Peachy Hearts fabric, 

"Now, let me just say, and you may not believe me but when I saw Miss Sunshade in her outfit, I immediately wanted one for my Fox Terrier! The very first fleece fabrics I ordered included the Peachy Hearts. When you intimated you wanted one I pulled it out and was going to make one in peachy hearts. It is a lovely fabric! 
Anyway, just wanted to say it is SuperSPOOKY that you liked the one I wanted to make you!"

(mum: isn't it amazing how some things are just meant to be??)

Well, Miss Jacquie, I just wanted to say a SuperTHANK-YOU for my booooootiful, new Peachy Hearts jammies. When the weather turns cold, I'll be sure to wear them!!



Cowspotdog said...

Those are super cute Jammie's and fit you perfectly....they are going to be perfect next winter

Duke said...

You look BEAUTIFUL in your peachy heart jammies, Sunshade! That was so supernice of Miss Jacquie!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Looking pretty spiffy and comfortable there Sunshade. Your mom should get one for herself.

Juno said...

Peachy Hearts jammies is so cute and it fits you so well!!

Momo and Pinot

l said...

beyond adorable!! love those jammies! great job!