Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Look at what I got in the mail today!!! A BOOOTIFUL tag with my SuperNAME on it!!! My friend Sally and her mom Cheryl in Maine sent it to me!

 Mum showed my new tag to me and I thought it looked great!

And then I spotted something written on the back of my SuperTAG........

I was SHOCKED (can you tell??)!!

What does that say on the back of my SuperTAG?????

Who is SuperBOSSYPANTS???????

Mum told me that she will make sure I wear the right side up...... Are you happy now mum? The right side is up, let's GOO now.... 

Snack time - Chicken Karaage!!

After the snack, I did some hill climbing cardio work,  

Yes, I was wearing my new tag, with the right side up the whole time okay???

Thank you Sally & Cheryl for half of a wonderful tag...! (mum: I laughed out loud when I opened the box!! Thank you so much, it's such a great tag and oh so accurate!)

1 comment:

Duke said...

You do look pretty shocked and upset to be called Super BossyPants, Sunshade!
My sissy needs one of those tags. She's pretty superbossy too!

Love ya lots