Friday, April 19, 2013

Bruised SuperHEART

My heart was SuperHURT today.....

(mum: Seamus the Irish Terrier is probably the only stranger dog that I can bring into the yard unannounced. He is not neutered, and Sunshade loves un-neutered males. She normally would never allow a dog in her yard, and even with the pups around us, she doesn't let them go up the ramp/stairs to go towards the house. She truly looked like her feelings were hurt, and not only that, she was disgusted that the boys had a peeing contest in her yard lol!)


Duke said...

We can't believe that Seamus was more attracted to Stinky than he was to you, Sunshade. This is totally WRONG!
Don't worry - we still love you!

Mitch and Molly

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Has that boy grown cataracts??? OMD, Miss Sunshade, he's crazy blind!!! How can he ignore your perfectness, when Stinky was just being stinky???

Thank your mom millions and trillions for her advice on Babystan's diet and skin...we are going to take him to see a holistic vet in May and see what he may have to offer too...

Love you lots,

Miss Lacie Bobeastie