Friday, September 28, 2012

Parcel Pick Up

Mum told me we were going to Point Roberts, WA to pick up a few parcels. I right away assumed the co-pilot position, 

I took my job very seriously, always checking to make sure the roads are safe. Mum stopped to get herself a McDonald meal,

 Ok mum, all roads CLEAR! You can now safely feed me eat your McNuggets now!

Once we got to Pt. Roberts, mum picked up all our parcels. My friend SuperDAVE had told me that he had asked his mum Auntie Lydia to mail some yummy treats for me. So as soon as mum came back to the car, I looked for MY SuperTREATS!!


Just taking what is SuperMINE!

Now look at this, doesn't the label look like Dave wanted the treats for SuperME only but someone else added some other weird name on there?

Who is Jaffa?

Oh well, don't recognize that Jaffa name, must not exist. Guess all the treats are still SuperMINE!! (mum: Don't think so!!)

We went to the beach where I saw a baby loch ness monster. He seemed rather harmless, so I left him alone. 

Then I saw STINKY trying to show off, 

So I showed him how it's DONE!!

Then I located a SuperROCK!

I wanted it!!!

Told STINKY to help me with it, but he was no help......

So I settled on a little special rockie,

I rested with my special rockie,

The beaming sun and the ocean breezy made it a perfect place to take a SuperNAP, 

However, I had a nightmare..... 

I dreamed that a Tyrannosaurus was running towards me......

And crushed my SuperHEAD!!!

I jumped to my feet and realized it was just stoooopid STINKY storming over and stepping on my SuperHEAD!!!!

So I made a rock sign,

And went back to napping,

Unfortunately, the sign didn't work.......

So I gave up on having a peaceful nap.......

STINKY posted too, but you really don't need to read his post....

On our way home, mum called a restaurant ahead of time for din din pick up. She parked across the street from the place and told me to guard the car. 

I said NO PROBLEM! SuperDALE is on it!! (mum: I had clear view of the car from the restaurant window.)

You know what happened while mum was in the restaurant paying for the take out??? 


Look! They tried to steal MY supplements that we had just picked up from the US mail box!!! I stopped him of course, 

And then he tried to steal mum & D-Guy's passports as well as me & STINKY's health certificates!!!

So I wrestled with him hard and finally got the passport and health certificate back!!

(mum: Don't worry, no one broke into the car, no one even went near the car! There are always two sides to every story :-) I had called the restaurant ahead of time for pick up, so I was only in the restaurant for no more than 10 minutes. I parked in a spot where I had clear view of the car as I had left the windows open for them. I knew it was past dinner time and Sunshade was getting hungry, so took extra precautions. I remember the bag of treats my friend Lydia sent for the pups, and I knew Sunshade would be looking for it. So before I left the car, I made sure to put the treat bag in the glove compartment. Sure enough, as soon as I went inside the restaurant, she climbed to the front passenger seat. I knew there was no food left out, so I didn't go out to stop her. The box with bottles of supplements were on the passenger seat, she tried to take the whole box to the back as that was where the bag of treats was at before I moved it. Unfortunately, the box was too heavy and the entire box fell onto the driver's seat floor as she was moving it. She continued to stay in the passenger seat looking for stuff.  I was too far away to see exactly what she was doing. After a while, she climbed back to the back of the car (carrying the slip cover with the passports & documents hindsight!).  I believe Sunshade associated plastic with treat bags, so out of all the things in my bag, she took out the plastic slip cover to take to the back. I guess she was just starting to rip it open like she does with treat bags when she realized there was nothing yummy smelling in that bag. So she left it alone (thank doG!!). This whole time, Jaffa was just being perfect in the back, watching his Sunshade be a SuperDALE.....)


Duke said...

OMG, thank doG you didn't eat the whole bottle of supplements, Sunshade!
Ya know - you are a very good fibber! We were starting to believe your story! You are too much, Sunshade!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Charlie said...

Sunshade, you are so smart! I will try that next time!! I'm sorry my stupid mom wouldn't drive through Vancouver last week, but she said I'd like the ferry better from Port Angeles. What do moms know, anyway?!

- Charlie