Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seattle Summer 2012 - Day 4 Flirt & Souvenirs

I've had a fun time here in Seattle (minus the day with the stinkies), and it was time to go home. Before we got on the road to go home, we stopped by a park where I met a gorgeous black and tan handsome,

We got talking, and you know what's funny? He told me he was born in Vancouver, BC, but lived in Seattle. Well, I was born in Port Angeles, WA, and I live in Vancouver, BC!

I snoozed on the way home.....

I want to show you the souvenirs I got on this trip (minus the bag of lamb liver STINKY ate), (mum: uh huh, that's not what your poo said!!)

This is a sketch a vendor person at PAX did because D-Guy bought something at his store,

Now this next sketch is a pressie from D-Guy. He got an artist who did Magic card sketches to do a sketch of the SuperDALE in the Magic card style!!

These are Magic cards, 

This is the most powerful Magic card you can get!!!


Duke said...

That magic card and the sketches are just beautiful, Sunshade!
You sure don't look like you're almost 13 in your video! Obviously, the Gordon had lovelies :-)

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

l said...

LOVE the magic card!! you better frame that... and a Gordon Setter! amazing-i love those. but no one is as good as the SuperDALE!