Thursday, September 27, 2012

Osoyoos Day 1

We came back from Seattle on Monday, and on Tuesday, mum was off with me and STINKY again!! My other auntie, Auntie Linda had a place up in Osoyoos, and she invited us to go stay for a few days. Auntie Linda is another one of my aunties that started my Fundraiser for me! I'm such a lucky SuperDALE!

Beautiful Osoyoos is located in the interior of BC, so the drive there is actually a lot longer than going to Seattle!! We drove for 5 hours, with one hour potty break in between. This was our ARE WE THERE YET faces....

Taking way too long.... The car was SuperHOT, so I laid in front of the AC vent,

STINKY gave up too,

FINALLY!!! Look, it says OSOYOOS!! We had arrived!

Auntie Linda had two dales; handsome TJ (with the lovelies) and pretty gurrrrrl Peekabou. I had met both TJ and Peek before and we all got along. I especially love TJ, he smelled sooooooo good, and did I mention, he had lovelies??? (mum: lovelies = testicles. Sunshade has a thing for un-neutered males :-)) However, STINKY hadn't met them, so we arranged to meet on neutral territory, at a nearby dog park.

Here I was, just being perfect and bootiful, waiting for handsome TJ to come, and look at what STINKY was doing! Geezus, stop staring at my MUSCLE BUTT!!

Finally got him awaaaaay from my MUSCLE BUTT!

 A head rub while we waited,

Is TJ here yet??

STINKY started to act like himself, so I asked him to please not embarrass me in front of my friends, 

Afterall, I'm the SuperDALE, I have a reputation to upkeep!!

Oh, see a dog coming!!

Gotta go see! STINKY is already up there!

Oh, he's not TJ...... but WATCH OUT!! INCOMING TORPEDO!!

Hey! Why are you following him?? I'm the SuperDALE you know??

Remember I had a talk with STINKY about NOT embarrassing me in front of my friends? Well, look at him exposing himself to stranger dog......

Finally, here comes TJ!!!!

This is Peekabou,  she is almost 12 yrs old, and she is TJ's mom!!!

I thanked Peek for having such a handsome son, 

Me at almost 13 yrs old on the left and Peek at almost 12 yrs old on the right. We are the matriarchs!!

Okay..... what's there to sniff?? It's just a STINKY!!

TJ handsome was more crazy about STINKY than he was about me.....

Look at STINKY's crazy tongue!!!

What did I say about NOT embarrassing me in front of TJ???

No, I don't know that weirdo on the ground!

They're off again..... me & Peek,

Here they come.....

There they go.....

Stoooooopid STINKY stole TJ from me!!!!!!!! Look at TJ waiting by Fat Tongue......

TJ..... I'm the SuperDALE......

See, I'm much cuter than the STINKY (who was on MY bed!)......

Poor me, heart broken out on our deck........... (mum: she loves the fresh aire!)

While STINKY (who stole my TJ) got to sleep inside....

You can see STINKY's post on his bloggie.

(mum: I am so lucky to have met so many great people because of Sunshade and Jaffa. Linda is one of them! Linda and her husband Paul has a lovely place in Osoyoos. They also have a spare trailer that they rent out during the summer months. However, the season was winding down so Linda invited me and the pups to take the spare trailer for a few days while she showed me around town!)


Molly the Airedale said...

We can't believe that TJ wasn't stuck to your SuperSide like glue, Sunshade, and we can't wait to hear more of this story! You always have the most fun!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Rachel said...

What a great story! I love reading how our Airedales bring such wonderful people into our lives!!