Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seattle Summer 2012 - Day 1 (stink....)

Last weekend was the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), a video game trade show that happens every year in Seattle, WA. It's something that D-Guy can't miss. 

Mum told me that we could tag along, and she was going to take me (mum: and Jaffa) to fun places while D-Guy went to PAX.

So this was the first fun place we came to.....

You have got to be KIDDING me right??? 

We drove almost 200 miles to see a bunch of STINKIES????

They stunk so much, just like STINKY did when he first came.... Mum wanted me to pose with them, so I held my breath. 

SERIOUSLY, can you tell I would rather get run over by a car than being near them??? 

(mum: she would not get on the grass because the puppies were there. Instead, she went and laid down on the driveway at the vet parking lot. I did make her move.)

To make matters worse, mum said these were my "grand aunts & uncles". I'll be 13 yrs old in November, so how could these stinkies be my "grand" aunts & uncles right??

(mum: Bonni drove 2.5 hours from Port Angeles to Tacoma to have the pups checked by a fertility specialist & a long time trusted vet. She doesn't trust the vets in P.A. Anyway, since Tacoma was so much easier to get to than P.A, I jumped at the opportunity to meet her at the vet's office to see this special litter of puppies! 

Thanks to modern science and technology, these pups were conceived using 20 year old frozen semen from Sunshade's great grandfather, Ted (MBISS Ch. Loc Aire's Virtuoso). There were 9 puppies, 3 boys and 6 girls.

Ted was a great dog of his time. Beautiful show dog with equally beautiful temperament. He passed away at almost 15 yrs old. 

He was one of Loc Aire's foundation stud dogs who sired many quality, champion Airedales over the years. In the picture below, Ted is in the upper right hand corner, pictured at Westminster. To the left is Ted's brother Peter (Ch. Loc Aire's Maestro). The lower two pictures are Ted's sons; Bo (Ch. Loc Aire's Bolero) & Slick (Ch. Loc Aire's Avaz).

Anyone who knows the history of Loc Aire Airedales would know how special this litter truly is!!)

So this is my Grand Uncle Stink (my grandpa's half sibling is my grand uncle right??).
He was the biggest weighing at 8 lbs at 8 weeks old, (mum: that is one beautiful head. See the flat line it forms from forehead down to the nose. A perfect "brick". There shouldn't be a very prominent "stop", meaning, the drop from forehead down to the muzzle area should be very slight.)

He didn't act very Airedale like....... no growling, no biting, no humping, just sleepy???

According to my breeder Bonni, Grand Uncle Stink was a very nice stinky. Isn't nice stinky an oxymoron? 

 Here are my Stinky Grand Aunts,

I'm not sure if you remember my handsome brother, Winston who was practically a clone of me. He passed away earlier this year, and his hooman family had been very sad about him....

Me & my brother Winston on January 15th, 2000
They came to meet me 12+ years later! This is Winston's dad Michael and his little hooman pup, Ian.

Winston's hooman brother Ian, and sister, Claire,

6 year old Claire gave me a head massage to try to cure my headache (from you know what's!),

3 year old Ian came over to pet me, and he said to mum, 

"Is this our Winston? Can we take him home?"

(mum: Ian was so cute, but I did get a little choked up. He was happy though when I told him he was getting a puppy :-) Sunshade and Winston were identical. Sunshade and Winston were identical look wise.)

Winston's daddy,

He gave me a nice chin rub!

It felt great, and I temporarily forgot about all the stinkies,

They brought a photo album of Winston, 

Look, they have picture of mum in their photo album!! Winston and I were picked up on the same day!

Mum & grandpa playing with me!

The rest of our littermates in the x-pen. Me and Winston had been taken out because we were going home!

My sexy brother Winston,

This was sexy me, 

8 week old Winston sleeping, 

8 week old SuperDALE sleeping, 

4 months old Winston, 

4 months old SuperDALE, 

You get my point. We were identical!!

Few more shots of my handsome brother Winston, 

Anyway, Winston's family had been very sad about his passing, and they had decided that they were going to get a stinky from this litter. 

Meet me & Winton's stinky Grand Uncle "Jasper",

Claire and her new brother,

Ian and his new little brother,

And look at Jasper french-ing MY mum!!!!!

I had had enough! I moved far far away from where all the stinkies were (since mum wouldn't let me lie on the driveway!). I made it very clear that they disgust me, and guess what mum did? She plopped one in front of my SuperFACE!

~W. C. Fields

Somebody, get me out of here!!!!

(mum: Sunshade could not stand the way puppies smell. She kept on making the face that she makes when she accidentally gets a whiff of poo. Yes, poo face. It totally brought back memory of why Jaffa got the nickname STINKY. She was horrified of his smell! It got better when he lost the puppy breath.)

Mum said I had to give her ONE smile before we could go, so yes, I forced a pretend smile out, 

FINALLY! Mum said we could leave!! And you know what the best thing was? 



We went for a walk near our hotel. I was just over the moon with joy!!

We came to this fence and heard lots of barking, whining, howling.....

We thought it was a shelter but it turned out to be a boarding kennel. Those dogs did not sound like they were having fun. I would rather die if I ever have to be in a boarding kennel!!! SuperDALE doesn't do kennels!

After our walk, we went to check into our hotel.

It has two levels!!

Checking the upstairs bedroom,

Making sure there were no mice or rats anywhere,

STINKY was looking for left overs in the kitchen,

The comfy hotel was a great way to end the day (that started out SuperSTINKY!)


Molly the Airedale said...

We are so happy that Winston's family got a new puppy! The pictures of Jasper with his hooman bro and sissy are just adorable!
That is one posh hotel room, Sunshade! We can't wait to hear more of this story!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Gus said...

Sunshade: We think the stinkies are cute, but we appreciate your wisdome and maturity. AND you are bootiful.

gussie n teka

Lorenza said...

Those are tons of Stinkies!
But... I have to say they are adorable!
Thanks for sharing your trip!
Kisses and hugs