Monday, September 17, 2012

Seattle Summer 2012 - Day 3 Bitter Lake

Today was the last day at PAX, and since mum hadn't gone to see it the previous two days, she decided to go and have a look. Me and STINKY went to Auntie Lydia daycare!!

Mum saw things like this at PAX..... (mum: there was a person in the dog/wolf and the girl was riding it....)

D-Guy then entered in a Magic card tournament, so mum left earlier to pick us up from Auntie Lydia daycare. I had a lot of fun at Auntie Lydia's, but it was time for a walkie!

Mum drove by a sign that said Bitter Lake, so we pulled in! 

I LOVE going to new parks and places!!

Found some pine cones!

 We headed towards the lake, it was a hot HOT day!!

I asked mum if she brought my RING?? She said no....

I said WHY NOT!!!!!

Oh well, I'll play with rockie then,

I tried saving this tree, but it's roots were still stuck on land. Guess it didn't need saving...

Then mum said it was time to go, but I hadn't swim yet!!! (mum: Sunshade won't swim unless a stick or her ring was thrown for her. I purposely left her ring in the car because I didn't want her to get soaking wet!!)

I figured out a way where I could convince mum to let me swim!! SuperBRAIN at work,

So how do I look now??

You like my new look mum??

Is it swim time yet??

My plan SuperWORKED!!!!!

Yippee!!! We went and got my RING from the car!!

And went back to the lake!

Stop scratching your head with MY ring mum!!

Hurry up and THROWWWWWWW it!

Off I went to rescue MY ring!!

It was a shallow throw, so I didn't need to swim to get it,

My one toned body was still one toned!

So mum said not good enough. She threw MY ring out further,

This time I had to swim to get to MY ring,

But look at this, my MUSCLE BUTT was out of the water!

So mum again said not good enough!!

She threw MY ring waaaaaay out this time, and I just thought it was SuperUN-COOL......

Still though, because I'm SuperPERFECT with 100% retrieving rate, I went out to MY ring that was SuperFAR away!

I remembered to keep my butt and tail down this time,

Oh no, there's still dirt on my nose and muzzle.... I may be sent to go DIVING.....

Brought MY ring back,

Instead of giving it to mum, I took it up to the grass area. I saw lots of little green, cylindrical shaped, extremely fragrant collections on the ground. (mum: aka. GOOSE POOP!)

I love to smell fresh and fragrant!!

Goosie-poop! Goosie-poop! (mum: she missed them, thank doG!)

Nice and clean now!

Belly scratch, NOW mum! Thanks!!

Then mum said it was time to go (again). I said ok, just let me grab MY ring ok?

Trying to grab it......

Still trying to grab it..... funny it wouldn't fit in my SuperMOUTH!

Trying another method.....

 Well, the RING now fits with this new method, but I guess I can't walk now.....

I guess I'll just take a SuperNAP. I'll leave when I wake up ok mum?

Then mum looked like she was losing it, so I said BYE MUM!!!!

 I ran far faaar, SuperFAR away!

Took you long enough to catch up mum!

Catch me if you can!!

SuperDALE on the moooooove!

Ah-oh.... she's catching up.......

Hey! How did you get ahead??? I don't want to play anymore.....

I heard doggies yapping in the background, so I watched them (just to make sure my SuperHELP wasn't required)

Then I raced mum to the car!


And I SuperWON!!

After our walk, mum took us back to the hotel, fed us, and then left us to go pick up D-Guy from PAX. They went to eat din din afterwards. Look at mum the SuperPIG!! I think crayfish are going to go extinct because of her!!! That was her second plate too!

Since mum was piggin' out, why shouldn't us right?? (mum: us? Only ONE SuperPUP did this!)

Look at what STINKY did!!! That's him in the picture beside the mess!

He ate the ENTIRE bag of lamb liver treats my friend Lola sent me! That's his head in the picture!

Look at the perfect me, far far away from the mess, resting quietly at the foot of the staircase, 

Ummm... I'm out of water.... refill water please? Strange, I wonder why I'm so thirsty?? (mum: yes, I wonder why too Sunshade!)

Thank you!

(mum: Since I was going to visit Lydia, I had ordered some supplements online to have them shipped to Lydia's place. Our friends Nhi & Lola knew about the visit, so they sent a big bag of lamb liver/lung treats over to Lydia's house for us to pick up. I left the bag of supplements on the table, totally forgetting about the liver treats! Miss piggie again, took it upon herself to pull everything down and ate the entire bag of treats!)

Evil-mum always accuses me. Just look at my SuperFACE, does it look like a guilty face to you???

This face has I-N-N-O-C-E-N-T written all over it wouldn't you agree?


Duke said...

You are too beautiful to ever be guilty of anything, Sunshade!
We're so happy that you outfoxed your mum and got to go swimming with your ring!

Love ya lots
Mitch and Molly

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Sunshade, can you recommend the proper mud mixture to enhance my almost perfect Lakeland complexion??? And that aerobic method you have of application was sheer poetry...

As for your ring...fabulous retrievals as usual!!!

Stinky was lookin' totally hot, I might add...


Your perfect student, Lacie