Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seattle Summer 2012 - Day 2 @ Auntie Lydia's!!!!!

Ohhhh I woke up today and I just KNEW today was going to be a SuperGOOD day!!!

Mum dropped D-Guy off at PAX again, and then she took us to a small park in downtown Seattle. Guess who we ran into??? Another Airedale owner!!

(mum: it's like us dale owners have magnetic forces pulling us towards one another. Second day in Seattle, 2/2 so far counting the pups! It was very interesting though, Sunshade right away pretty much ignored Porter, the Airedale, and wagged her tail at the retriever. I think she'd had enough of the black and tans lol!!)

Porter the Aire-girl had crazy energy like STINKY, so mum and her owners decided to go into the fenced dog run,

STINKY an Porter went crazy, as expected.......

Porter was a huge girl, she was taller than STINKY and outweighed him by about 20 lbs! (mum: Jaffa has about 3 inches of hair in height, and probably 5-6 inches in width! He weighs 61 lbs.)

Porter came to play with me, and I told her no way! 

(mum: Sunshade was very grossed out by the dog park smell. She stood in one spot the entire time and made that stinky face (face she makes when she smells dog pee/poo). Would not lie down or move lol!)

Finally, it was time to go home. I told STINKY, go on now, they seem like a nice new family.

Unfortunately, mum did not let it happen.... SIGH! (mum: you've been trying to get rid of him for almost 6 years, without success. What made you think this would be any different??)

Now, you know where we went to next???

We went to my favouritest Auntie Lydia's house!!! (mum: photos courtesy of Lydia!)

Auntie Lydia was one of my aunties that started the fundraiser for me. She also made me the SuperBLANKET!

Auntie Lydia is owned by my apprentice, SuperDAVE. Here I was, with SuperDAVE. I was lying on Alice's bed, thinking what SuperSKILLS I should be teaching SuperDAVE today.

(mum: Alice passed away 18 months ago.... She was one heck of an Airedale and a very special girl. She was Lydia's heart girl, her forever girl....)

I decided on teaching him the concept of......


Reenforcing the concept of SuperMINE!

After the lesson was over, I went out to Auntie Lydia's garden.

Hey, who is that shadow of??

Checking out the veggie garden, 

I asked Auntie Lydia what was the name of this pretty plant? She told me it was called "Don't Pee On It". That's a long name for a plant don't you think?

Then it got a little too hot, so I went inside.

I love Auntie Lydia's kitchen..... I'll stay right here, thanks!

Auntie Lydia talking to the SuperDALE,

 I helped Auntie Lydia clean up her kitchen floor using my SuperNOSE!!

After Auntie Lydia fed me and mum (omg mum cleaned out Auntie Lydia's fridge!), I went and took a nap on SuperDAVE's couch!

I spent all day with Auntie Lydia and SuperDAVE, I had a great time and so did mum. Today was a MUCH better day than stinky day yesterday!! Night night for now.....

Side note:

Please check out The 2012 Airedale Rescue Quilt Blog! It has many rescue stories, summer recipes, video to show Airedales that have benefited from your donation, and of course, the quilt blocks!

Helping Airedales, it's the right thing to do, please donate today! Donation can be made via paypal button in the link below.


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Duke said...

Lucky you, Sunshade and Jaffa! We wish we could go and visit Aunt Lydia and SuperDave and clean out their frig too!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Hey Sunshade,
Your video reminded me so much of angel Maggie when we played together. She would pretty much just push me around and I would jump right back ate her. Thank you for the smiles! Love, Mitch

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi E and Sunshade, we hope that everyone has a super great stay in Seattle.