Sunday, May 13, 2012

Evil Things, Edamame, Joint Supplement

Mum was away with STINKY all day while I stayed home with D-Guy. When she came back, she brought a package in for me. The package had our supplements that mum had ordered for us. There was a joint formula for me,

Mum gave me one yummy liver flavoured tablet right away, and then I read the label:

I saw that I should be getting the loading dose, which was one tab three times a day. So I took the bottle out with me,

Evil-mum came after me. WHY??? Was just trying to give myself the second and third dose (in my hole). Nobody said they couldn't be a minute apart.

Still, Evil-mum took the bottle away from me! Humph! Watch me limp!!

Anyway, mum told me to go inside because she had a surprise for me,

What kind of surprise was that?? They scared the SuperCRAP out of me!!!

Mum said not to worry. She called herself the "prawn whisperer" and the evil jumpy things were going to calm down now,

She showed me one that had been calmed,

It smelled pretty good, so I braved up and gave it a nibble.

Thank goodness it didn't JUMP!!

Now what? I took the shell of the head off already. I think it's time for you to peel this scary thing for me mum!

STINKY got one too,

He didn't know what to do with his either,

So I guess the smartest thing to do was to lie with it,

After our eye opener session, mum gave us something we had both had before. We LOVE these!! Allow me to show you the two different style of eating them,

Those were some good beans for sure!!

Clean up crew aka. STINKY, CHOP CHOP!!


Lorenza said...

She caught you with the bottle!
I love your way to eat those edamames!
And the prawns... you are sooo funny!
Happy Mother's Day!
Kisses and hugs

Duke said...

Thank goodness those shrimp/prawns didn't pinch you, Sunshade!
The first time mom and dad had edamame beans, they didn't know that you were supposed to peel them. They thought it was like peas in a pod and you ate the pod. haha

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Kari in Alaska said...

eeeew shrimp is yucky

Stop on by for a visit