Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Surviving in the Wild

Mum seems to think that if I were left out to fend for my SuperSELF, I would not be able to survive. I am going to prove her SuperWRONG!!!

1. She thinks I will starve because I wouldn't be able to hunt.

Well, you are very wrong mum. Who says I need to hunt to get fed?

Look at here, I have breakfast and lunch taken care of,

Aren't these the biggest piles of SuperGOOSIE-POOIES you have ever seen??

Dinner is almost here!

2. She thinks that I can't defend myself.

SuperWRONG again!! I'll even defend MY SuperCAR from stooopid black predators!!


Lorenza said...

The videos prove your mom is sooooo wrong!
Good job, Sunshade!
Of course you can defend yourself!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi E: If SS was left on her own, she would survive because:
1. The D-guy would rescue her
2. MC would look after her
3. She's hunt mice
4. She'd eat Juice
5. Mitch's mom would save her

Kari in Alaska said...

I think you would survive fine but why would you want to?

Stop on by for a visit

Berts Blog said...

ah Miss Sunshine, no question about it, you could take good care of yourself.

I do know that goose poo is a luxury here in Utah as a lotion and body wash, but I didnt' even think of it being a dietary specialty.

I best go check it out.


Duke said...

If the goosies ever stop doing pooies in your neighborhood you can always come to my yard, Sunshade. We never run out of it here!

Love ya lots,

Cowspotdog said...

Moms and Dad's always under estimate just how clever we are...they don't call it 'Call of the Wild' - for nothing - we doggies can and do revert to it all the time.