Wednesday, May 09, 2012

San Juan Islands Day 1

Mum and D-Guy got a Groupon deal to come to San Juan Islands for two nights a while back. So we decided to do our short trip this week!

We didn't leave Vancouver until noon because both mum and D-Guy had to finish some work before leaving. Driving at noon means it's hot Hot HOT in the DaleMOBILE, especially having to share it with a certain STINKY. I could not stand STINKY's pungent smell, so I had no choice but to put my head in between the front seats, (mum: Jaffa didn't smell!)

We had to drive down to Anacortes, WA, and then take a one hour ferry to San Juan Islands.

Are we there yet??
FINALLY! We arrived to downtown San Juans!

We walked the entire town in half an hour!

Mum and D-Guy was hungry, so they found a place that said the SuperDALE was welcome to sit on the patio! I snoozed for a bit,

Until the foodables came.

Oyster Cocktail, Steamed Mussels, and yummy Nachos!

Somebody, FEED ME!!!

Cheese from the Nachos,

Wow, look at my SuperEYE!!

After mum and D-Guy finished their din din, we walked back to our inn because they had to go potty. I guess the oysters just went right through them,

Thank dogness they were both housetrained, I was worried one would go on the street!!

After they went potty, mum prepared our din din. It's freeze dried raw lambie from New Zealand with supplements! I usually only get these as treats, so to get a WHOLE BOWL of it was SuperEXCELLENT!!!

(mum: usually when we travel to the states, I always bought a raw food brand that was "made in USA" so I could bring over the border without any problem. However, I have recently found out that the brand that I was using was sourcing their meat from China. YIKES! So this time, I thought I would try something else.)

Din din was served!!

This is very yummy mum :-)
Checking to see STINKY didn't waste anything, and he DIDN'T....argh!


What are we having for dessert???

Another nugget to make my SuperEYE pop out? SURE!

After dessert, we went for a walkie around the windy Lighthouse,

It was VERY windy, can you tell??

See the Lighthouse far far away??? That's where we were headed,

Can you spot us??
I was SuperHAPPY, I love new places!

Here comes the SuperDALE!!

 Hurry up mum, D-Guy!!!

Up on the hill top with mum,

D-Guy said LOOK HERE, and none of us listened. Such Terriers!

Almost at the Lighthouse!

Then look at what stooopid did, he flew down the cliff!!

Come on up stoopid!!

Or the sea monster will get you!!
(mum: I had had Jaffa on leash when we got to the top because I couldn't see if it was just a cliff or there was a slope. I could trust Sunshade if I told her to wait until I got there to see, but Jaffaman, he's all reaction! Thankfully, it was a slope, albeit steep. The path he went down was actually a path to get down to the water. Sunshade really wanted to go too, but I didn't trust her legs to make it down and up. So she watched Jaffa from the top. She actually looked a little concerned when Jaffa was all the way at the bottom, marking. She watched him until he climbed back up the path. He really had to climb!!)

Up and off he went.....

D-Guy took a school mugshot for me since I'm smart enough to be in high school,

Mum wanted picture of me and STINKY,

One shot was enough!

The SuperDALE,

Then mum was so mean, she and STINKY went over to the other side of the fence and I couldn't get to her.... What do you think she was doing??

You can find out on STINKY's bloggie.

Don't leave me again okay mum? And promise me that I'll be your BESTEST gurrrrrlie forever & always??

(mum: there will never be another like you. You are and will always be my one and only special girrrrrl forever and always...)

Now a video that sums up our walkie...

We went back to our inn and called it a night. Of course, I had to ask for a snack first!!


Cowspotdog said...

That was some Super adventure for a superdale. Love that shot of the wind blowing your ears.

NelsonandBoober said...

Wow...what a great place!! You and Jaffa sure are lucky dogs Sunshade going to all these great new places. Boober says that food of yours looks yum, yum!!

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi everybody, wow that sure looks like fun. I could probably make it down the steep slope but I might need a little help on the way back up.

brooke said...

Looks like a great vacation! We love the islands!
I love the pictures with your ears blown up! :)

Duke said...

There is no question that you will always be your mum's special girl forever and ever, Sunshade!
We love your mugshot picture!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Kari in Alaska said...

Those windy ears are cute

Stop on by for a visit