Wednesday, May 16, 2012

San Juans Day 3

Today was our last day on San Juan Island. We packed our bags in the morning and headed out to South Beach, another new location to explore!

Let us OUT!

We walked to the beach where I fetched logs. Mum was clapping for me!

The waves at this new beach was a little too strong for my comfort, so I told mum to not throw my loggies too far. As you will get to see, who is the retriever you can count on!

(mum: well, Jaffa did awesome in the end! He is not as keen of a retriever as Sunshade. He usually isn't motivated to swim out to "retrieve"; he is usually motivated to swim out to follow Sunshade. So if Sunshade isn't swimming, he doesn't really care about swimming either. Still, he listened to me and went to retrieve his stick back. Remember, Sunshade was tested as an excellent retriever on her puppy testing done at 7 weeks of age. The remark was, she retrieved "readily". Jaffa retrieved too on his puppy test, but he was slooooowly.)

Me & MY log!


Then guess what I found!! A special rockie to bring home!

Me & MY special rockie,

Before we left the beach, mum wanted a picture of me and STINKY together.... I was a little annoyed,

Things I have to PUT UP WITH!!!!

Why were you squinting and leaning away from me STINKY??! And put your stoopid foot down weirdo! (mum: that's Jaffa's "oh shit, I'm gonna be in trouble" face... lol)

We walked a little trail by the beach to get to this open meadow,

Can you spot us??

STINKY was at the top of the highest bluff when we were all still walking,

The next thing I knew, he was proclaiming to be the KING.....!!!

Wait a minute here!!

Just wait....... (are you praying mum?)


Do you see me?

I, unfortunately had to ask STINKY to bow down as his reign lasted as long as my climb up to the top of the bluff. 

Afterall, There could only be ONE true Aire-Queen,

I showed him MY Kingdom,

The view of it

Keeping my SuperEYE over my Kingdom, ready to address my people,

All hail the SuperDALE!!!

(mum: please excuse Sunshade's grooming. When she was sick last month, I didn't brush her at all, and she had a ton of mats.... So I had to scissor her legs short, and cut chunks out of her furnishing.)

Queen SuperDALE and the Duke of STINKY,

The Queen Mother decided to join us,

The Queen Mun got up and walked down the bluff. As she turned around, she realized how pawfect the picture was. So she turned on her point and shoot camera to take a pic. Instead of the photo function, she accidentally pressed down the recording button. Well, I thought I'd keep things interesting for her,

(mum: LOL, this was very Sunshade, always giving that bit more from what I'm asking.)

After our excursion over the top of the bluff, we came down to flat grounds. I smelled something GOOOOOD with my SuperNOSE,

The Queen is SuperHUNGRY ya know???

Where was my butler to open the pack for me, The QUEEN???

Poor Queen had to do everything her SuperSELF.......

What happened next really SuperSURPRISED me.....

The Evil Queen Mother said, I, The Queen must share MY snack with The Duke of STINKY.... 

See that face of mine? I was asking what kind of upside down Kingdom was this??

Sharing = NOT happy....!

Then D-Guy said enough of the role playing, let's go back to the CARRRRRR!

SURE! Here comes the SuperDALE!!

There are more treats in the CARRRRRRR!! If I get there first, I could eat it all before any evil person tries to make me SHARE! That word shouldn't even exist in the vocabulary IMO.


We got back to the car, had a bit more treats where I HAD TO SHARE AGAIN... and we drove towards the ferry terminal. 

On the way there......... (mum: the little guy was drawn towards the car. Maybe he smelled other Canis lupus familiaris??)

Did you see STINKY watching him??? STINKY watched him for the longest time before he started whining, letting me know something was OUT THERE!!! (you can see my SuperHEAD/EARS just above the window line. I was lying in my bed)

When I finally got up and saw how close mum was to this thing.........

I yelled WILD DOG WILD DOG!!! 

He ran away!!! WHEW! Mum was safe!

(mum: D-Guy was on his iPhone playing games the entire time that I was observing the fox. I stopped the car and told him there was a cute little fox. He said "oh ok" without looking up!!!)

After I saved mum's life, we arrived at the ferry terminal. The ferry wasn't scheduled to leave for another hour our so, so we parked the DaleMOBILE in line, and went to walk around town. We came to this store,

This is Rupert, and you won't believe this, he came from TAIWAN!!

Mum was born in Taiwan, and grandpa lives there!! Rupert was abandoned in Taiwan, and a rescue group picked him up and flew him all the way over here to be spoiled the rest of his life! Oh, and get this, Rupert's mom had an Airedale X before Rupert! She said he was so full of spunk and personality. She was happy to see us, because we reminded her of him. Rupert is very mellow, totally different from her dale X according to!

Rupert's mom was very nice, she gave us snacks, and she gave it to me FIRST!!

But I told her I wanted to try these ones instead,

Yea, watch and learn boys. Survival Skills 101.

It worked! The nice lady came over and give me some!! I guess mum felt bad, so she bought me a bag of treats. I carried it out on my own!

Once we got on the ferry, I had few more treats and passed out until we hit home back in Canada! What an awesome trip this was, having my own Kingdom, and treats and all!!

Thank you for reading! Now if you must, you could read about Duke of STINKY's day on his bloggie.....


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, all in all I think that your trip was pretty good even though you had to share stuff with Jaffaman.

Gus said...

that was a wonderful break...and we thank you for sharing your "queendom"


Duke said...

What a fun vacation for both of you!

I hope I grow up to be just like you, Miss Sunshade. You are so beautiful and so smart!

Teddy said...

What a beautiful place to spend your day!! Miss Sunshade, you are the queen of that place. You looked so proud and regal. I can't believe you had to share your snack.

Thanks for sharing your day.