Monday, May 14, 2012

San Juans Day TWO

This morning, we went to Lime Kiln State Park. We were told that it was a good place to watch Free Willy! (mum: Free Willy = whales)

We saw two signs at the entrance, one of which we hadn't seen before. Mum said she thought the sign meant "NO snipers". She was wrong of course. The sign was obviously saying "NO one winged angels" in the park!!

We walked to the whale watching area,

D-Guy was reading up about the whales. Since I had seen whales before and knew all about them, I thought I would make use of the time wisely.....

By asking for an ear rub as D-Guy read the board,

After everyone was done reading, we headed towards the lighthouse,

People sat on the bluff to wait for whales to appear. Instead of going onto the bluff, I found a shady spot to chill and wait for Free Willy to appear,

Out of the corner of my SuperEYE, I saw something unbearable.......

STINKY was hogging mum all to him stinkyself!!! Can you believe it???

So I got up from my nicely shaded spot with good view of the ocean and went over,

To make sure I'm still mum's #1 Gurrrrrrrrrrl!!

We hiked around the trails for about 2 miles,

Everyone was walking nicely, except for one. I don't even know what he was doing behind me here,

Sorry this isn't a very good photo, but you can see that's a lime kiln down below. STINKY kept running ahead and then back to mum and D-Guy. I just walked ahead and waited for them (I was behind the trees around the bend),

See who was exhausted with his StinkyTONGUE out, while I had total control of my SuperTONGUE??

After we left Lime Kiln State Park, we drove to Roche Harbour,

We're here! LET ME OUT!!!

We visited some of the historical buildings,

I love walking on the docks, so that's where I took my SuperPACK,

Where's D-Guy going???

He disappeared into this sailboat!

(mum: we were talking to a retired United Aireline pilot. He told us that he had an Airedale before and that the dog was a TOUGH dog! Anyway, he told us he lived on the sailboat with his cat. He invited us in to see his den. There were two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the Catalina can you believe it?? I went in first while Derek held Sunshade/Jaffa.)

Look what me and STINKY found!! Look at this picture closely, where STINKY was looking at....

Hello kitty.... come out and *ahem*.. PLAY??

I laid by the sailboat to wait for D-Guy to come out,

He finally appeared!

All was well again for me to keep moving. (mum: Sunshade needs everyone in her pack to be together before she would walk away.)

It had started to rain, so we called it a day and headed back to our inn. Before bed, we did go for another walk around the harbour in the downtown area.

You can check out STINKY's day on his bloggie.


Duke said...

You guys are sure having superFUN! You will always be your mum's #1 girl, Sunshade, and Jaffa will be her #1 boy! It works out great, right?

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, definitely a very interesting outing for everyone.