Friday, March 30, 2012

Meatball, Flirt, CONTEST

This morning, while mum was working upstairs, D-Guy asked me if we should let Meatball out! I said YES of course!

D-Guy likes to let the piggies run around while I babysit them, but mum says D-Guy can't let them out unless he was going to supervise. Not because I would hurt them or anything like that, but because mum doesn't like them running under the sofa bed and then she finds poo droppings under the sofa bed when she cleans the floor. I can't reach under the sofa bed, so I can't help with clean up. Otherwise, I do clean up after MY piggies!!

So this morning, D-Guy let Meatball out, told me to watch her, and then he started "supervising" via his computer.

All of a sudden, I told him "You're in BIG trubble D-Guy! Meatball ran under the bed!!!"

Mum heard everything I said, so she came down to see what was happening, and D-Guy got off his butt right away :-)

Around lunch time, mum walked me out to buy lunch. On the way there, I met my Prince, Digger. He and I have met many times at the school next to our house. Sometimes, his dad ties him outside like today. I just couldn't contain myself when I saw his handsome face, longing for my attention.... (mum: this is how seniors flirt :-) Sunshade is 12.5, Digger is almost 14)

After mum bought lunch, I got something too and carried it home! I am having a small contest for people to guess WHAT I GOT!!

Here are the prizies, there are three Airedale big head doggies, one Shiba Inu, one Pug, one Poodle, one Lab, an Airedale Taxi Service sign, a little Wire Fox statue, and two Sphere puzzles with a beautiful Wire Fox on it,

Anyone that guesses it right will get a prizie. We are hoping that we have enough prizies!! In the case where we have more winners than prizies, we will have a draw amongst the winners.

One guess per person please! Contest ends Sunday, April 1st!!

You can send your guess to:

  • comment on the contest thread on the SuperDALE Facebook page
  • leave a comment here on blogger (although I know a lot of you are having trouble with my comment section)

Now, here is the video of me carrying WHAT I GOT home,


  • The foodable is edible by ME (dogs) & hoomans.
  • It comes in a pack of 8.
  • It can be purchased at any grocery store.


Duke said...

I loved watching you and Digger flirt, Sunshade. You sure move a whole lot better than My Maggie ever did at age 12.5!
My guess was cookies on facebook and we're staying with cookies.

Love ya lots,

Dexter said...

Well, we guessed on FB and we are going back to our original of marshmellow peeps.


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, my guess is "hot dogs" aka "frankfuters" :)