Friday, August 18, 2006

Buntzen Lake - my favorite lake

I have showed you My favorite beach - Kitsilano Beach, and now I would like to show you the BEAUTIFUL Buntzen Lake - my absolute favorite lake.

Buntzen Lake is usually jam packed with people and dogs on weekends, so mom thought she would take me their today when it wasn't so crowded. So in the afternoon, mom and I made the long 45 minute drive to my lake, which is located in Port Moody, about 30 kilometres from Vancouver.

Buntzen Lake is about 4.8 km long and covers an area of 182 hectares. It is the first lake to provide hydroelectric power to Vancouver. Today, Buntzen Lake Reservoir serves not only as a source of hydroelectric power but also as an attractive recreation area for public enjoyment. It provides the following facilities:

  • picnic tables, shelter and grass play areas
  • cartop boat and canoe launch areas and dock
  • canoe rentals
  • hiking, mountain biking, equestrian and nature trails
  • developed viewpoints and interpretive displays
  • parking and equestrian staging area
  • designated area for dogs
  • drinking water
  • pay phone

I couldn't wait to get out of the car after the grilling car ride, but of course, my EVIL mom had to put me through one last torture before letting me out: (I know the words "Buntzen Lake", so whenever I hear mom say those words, I tilt my head)

The "Dog Beach" is separated from the "human beach" by a wire fence that extends into the water.

Mom and I walked from the human picnic area to the doggie beach, and this is me trying to open the gate to the dog beach: (I really love my ball, and yet I don't like sand in my mouth, so I try to pick my ball up "very" carefully)

***WARNING - EXTREMELY annoying, childish sounding woman (my MOTHER!) talking.....might want to turn the speaker down to avoid deafening

I love the fact that me and my buddies have a beach that is specially for us to romp and play on all year round!!

The water at Buntzen Lake is always so clean, the air so fresh. It refreshes my mind everytime I'm there and I forget about all my "worries" and "stresses" (ie, my acting class is tomorrow, and I didn't practice ANYTHING...). Here are some pictures of me refreshing my mind:

This is me giving mom the "I DARE YOU TO COME AND CATCH ME" face........

Here is me chasing the rock mom threw..........some say I breath like a "horse"..

I made some new friends today!!!

After I was done socializing, mom and I started to walk the Buntzen Lake Trail which goes around the entire lake.

It is about12 km around the lake with some rather ragged terrains after you hit the north beach (dog beach is the south beach). The last time mom and I walked the entire lake, it took us roughly "6" hours to complete. However, I have to admit, it was probably because of me taking every detour/side trails there were along the main trail to get down to play in the water. My poor mom of course followed because I had her TRAINED!!!

Mom said she didn't have the energy today to walk around the lake "my way" (gee...what did she mean by that??), so we made it to our secret spot, then the Viewpoint, and turned back.

View from our secret spot, isn't it GORGEOUS??

I found this secret spot a while ago during one of the many detours I took. Both mom and I love this spot because the view is beautiful, and it is very secluded so not many people come down here. Mom likes to sit and relax here while I frolic around the shoreline playing with my ball, chewing on sticks, and digging for rocks.

We continued along the trail for another kilometre or so and reached our final destination for today - the Viewpoint.

Here is a picture mom took from the Viewpoint deck. The sun had already set behind the mountains when the picture was taken, but it is still very beautiful nonetheless.

There is a side trail just off the viewpoint deck that leads down to the huge rock below where people like to fish, or dive off the rock. I like to go there to smell the fresh air, have a cold dip, and fetch my ball and sticks.

Mom took "some" pictures of me on the rock below the viewpoint deck. (I swear she was asking me to pose every 2 seconds!!!)

I was ready to continue around the lake, but mom said we had been there for almost "4" hours and it was time to go home. She also said something about mosquitoes eating her or something like that........gee.....what's the crazy woman talking about? Anyway, reluctantly, I followed mom along the trail back to the south beach and then to the car.

I had no idea how exhausted I was until I got into the car. This picture was taken within 3 minutes of being in the car (not joking!!!). Guess mom was right to take me home.....

I did manage to finish my walk all the way around Buntzen Lake in my dreams!!!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow what a nice place! But they fence off Dog Beach?

We have a dog beach here in Jupiter, Florida. It is the only beach that allows dogs in all of Palm Beach County. I love to swim in the ocean! I love to swim anywhere!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

miss sunshade, you are so smart, you know how to open the gate with command.

i went out with mom today and the moment i reach home, i was lying on the ground for few hours. :-D i guess we all doggie get tired too easily.

btw, you look so dog-tiful in all the photos.

Mango and Party said...

Oh my goodness!! That is a gorgeous beach, and we are so envious that you get to go off-leash there! We lurff it!! We are so sad to share that we have no doggie beach in Singapore. We have to be leashed, even if we go to the beach.

Wiry envy,
Mango and Party