Saturday, July 15, 2006

Typical summer weekend at Kits Beach

We woke up this morning to a perfect Vancouver summer day!! So where did everybody go on a perfect day such as this?? You guessed it, mom, me and a million other people and dogs all went to Kitsilano Beach to enjoy the beautiful day! Everything about today was just PERFECT; the sun, the sky, the grass, the breeze, the salt water, the beach, MY LIFE!!

These pictures show you what Kits Beach look like on a typical summer weekend.

People flying kites in Vanier Park

Vancouver Museum

Maritime Museum

Main beach - people sunbathing, surfing, volleyball-ing

If you want to play, you gotta follow the RULES!!! No doggies allowed on the main beach between (April-Oct)

Concession featuring the new - Watermark on Kits Beach Restaurant

The famous Kitsilano Swimming Pool**

**Vancouver's largest draw and fill saltwater pool. For a small fee, you can take a dip in the heated pool which can accommodate anyone from toddlers to advanced swimmers. Open yearly from June - Sept.

Me having a peek

Grassy, picnic area above the pool

Finally, the DOG BEACH - a beach opened all year round for me and my buddies to play on!!!

What I do to stay COOOOOOOOL - the tide was low today so the water looks a bit murky

I'm gonna DIG DIG DIG!!


Then, me and my buddies started to play a game. The rule for this game is simple: whoever has the stick gets to be "IT", and the IT in this case, gets to be chased by everybody else. Make sense?? OKAY!

Discussing who should be "IT"

OK, he's got the stick, so he's IT!!


Now the other guy has part of the stick too - gotta chase them both


I'm sure I'll be running in my dreams tonight because I just had SOO much fun at the dog beach today!!! Mom says it's amazing how well "socialized" all the dogs that come to this beach are because we all get along fine despite our breed, size, age, and personality differences.


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Anonymous said...

Oh my ~ a Rat T ... (the little black and white doggie) !
Some of my best friends are Rat Ts
(says the crew at Rusty's)