Thursday, July 20, 2006

Seymour River

After my "visit" with auntie Janice, mom took me to play in the Seymour River since my elbow and overall body felt so much better, much more energized.

First, mom asked me to sit still and let her get a good photo of me. I tried my best to listen and sit still "in" the water....

Is my face adorable or what??

Then I remembered about the amazing "Pointer" dogs I saw on Animal Planet. They lift one of their legs up pointing and staring in the direction of the birds to let their masters know where the birdies are. So I thought I would give it a try and "point" at the rock mom was holding to let her know that's what I wanted (hmm....well that's my theory of what pointing should be - WHAT I WANT!). I guess being a terrier, I didn't do too bad on my first "pointing" try. Mom said I was "looking" at the rock, but "pointing" in the wrong direction....... Like this,

Of course, after a while of not getting what I wanted it, I started to do things the "TERRIER" way. Which means lots of "talking", lots of "talking back", lots of "temper tantrum"!!!

Getting ready to talk now!!






Mom says I've been watching way too much Animal Planet and Discovery Channel shows. Out of no where, I started to act like Flipper the dolphin..........

REACH Sunshade REACH!!


UP...UUUUP getting ready for the FLIP!!

Now FLIP! Ok, not quite......

OK, now try FLIP the OTHER WAY!!

HEHE....HEHE.......I kinda look SILLY don't I???

Mom was quite shocked about my "dolphin-ic" behavior to say the least. I think she is thinking of putting "parental control" on our TV, so I won't start copying behaviors of the lions and cheetahs living on the safari..... Wouldn't THAT be bad eh???

Here are a few more pictures from Seymour:

I totally fell in love with this handsome Rough Collie named Zeus - look at his beautiful "mane"......(shh....I learned that word from watching Lion King on Animal Planet)

"Snoopy" (okay...that wasn't really his name, he just looked like a snoopy) wanted to come over to play but he looked to be a little wary of the water

I was a little apprehensive looking down at the river from up on the bridge

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