Thursday, July 06, 2006


Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for everyone, furry or not. It is especially good for me because I can exercise without putting any stress on my arthritic right elbow. People always comment on how "fit" and "muscular" I am, and I give swimming all the credit!! During the winter when the water is too cold to swim in, mom takes me to my rehab center, The SPAW (, twice a week to swim in the indoor heated pool. The heated pool helps with circulation and is excellent for arthritic joints. However, it gets too hot to swim in during the summer months, and mom moves the swimming outdoors.

I am especially muscular during the summer months because mom tries to take me swimming in a different place everyday. We go to Kits Beach and Jericho Beach a lot because we live ten minutes away from either one, or sometimes we go to North Vancouver to swim in the crystal clear Seymour River, or Ambleside Beach in West Van, or if mom has time she will make the long drive and take me to Buntzen Lake in Port Moody.

Today, we went to Seymour River in North Vancouver just off the Brooksbank Rd entrance. The water was a bit cold due to today's cooler temperature. I, however, couldn't wait to get into the water to start fetching my "ring" and splashing for ROCKS!!! Here are my pictures from today.

Tucker and me - We rarely see other Airedales because they are not that common in Vancouver


Anytime now mom......


OK, I'll be patient and ask nicely....


Where are you rockie??

Oh..there you are!

Don't even think about taking my precious ROCK!!!

I want the stick but I don't want to let go of my ball - Mom says it's called being greedy..... sniff)

Thanks mom! Now, where did it go??

I still don't see it, DO YOU??

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