Thursday, July 20, 2006

Grandpa was IN the house!!

Well, as if the excitment for today wasn't enough already, guess who I came home to??? My GRANDPA!!!!! He flew over 10 000 kilometers to come and see me from Taiwan. Mom had gotten the dates mixed up since Taiwan is 15 hours ahead of our time here. She had thought Grandpa and Auntie Lin was coming tomorrow............ talk about being confused LOL.

Anyway, mom snapped a few quick photos of my reactions when I first saw Grandpa.

Grandpa looks like he's having more fun with my ball than me!!

When I'm VERY very happy, I like to go and grab one of my toys and run around the person to show how happy I am!! I usually do this too when I see mom getting getting my leash and harness because I know we are about to go for a walk.

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