Friday, July 14, 2006

Kits Beach today!!

I finally got to do some much needed swimming today!! The weather here over the past week has been mainly overcasting with the occasional sprinkle or down pour. We had some light sprinkle this morning, but began to see some sunny breaks by the afternoon. Mom took this opportunity and rushed me down to Kits Beach.

I swam for a total of about 40 minutes. When I say 40 minutes, it doesn't mean I was only at the beach for 40 minutes, it means my total swim time in the water was about 40 mins. The more I swim, the happier my bad elbow is!!!

A man commented on how "masculine" I looked because of all my muscles. Sigh....I get that a lot, but mom tells me it's a good thing. I don't understand why people think my head and my overall appearance look like a boy...... I mean, I only pee the boy way and I sometimes hump my elephant, gorilla, and stuffed sheepdog the boy way... Other than that I think I'm pretty girlie...don't you?? (mom won't answer me on that one...) I am about 24 inch at the withers and weigh in at 62 - 65 lbs. The fluctuation in weight is directly related to the amount of exercise I get. I don't get as much exercise in the winter time, so I weigh 62 lbs, and during the summer months, I get tons of exercise and gain lot of muscles, so I weigh about 65 lbs then.

Another lady who had a "13" year old German Short Haired Pointer X Weimeraner asked mom if I was just a "puppy"!!! Mom was grinning from ear to ear and answered "no, she is actually six and a half!!" Whenever mom hears a comment or gets a question like that, she just can't stop smiling inside (and outside) considering my health history.

Finally after a good two hour romp at Kits Beach and Vanier Park, I AGAIN, reluctantly walked back to the car with mom.

PS. blogger has been having problems with their photo uploading feature, so mom hasn't been able to upload any photos. Hopefully the problems will be fixed soon........

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