Friday, July 21, 2006

Something's up...............

Okay....something's FISHY (no pun intended) I can sense it!!!

Grandpa showing up all of a sudden, mom putting all "her" things (usually she would be putting mostly "my" stuff ) in the big black boxy looking thing that's lying down on our livingroom floor. Mom has also been spending a lot of time with grandpa infront of my supplement cupboard and yet she's not bagging my supplements. Mom usually spends a lot of time infront of my supplement cupboard begging my supplements if we were going on a trip. This time however, she is spending a lot of time explaining to grandpa and grandpa look like he is writing a lot of things down.

Mom hasn't taken me out to play in the water yet today because she just seems so busy........ Whatever is going on, I DON'T LIKE IT!!! It it having an effect on my daily routine and my mood...... I've been feeling pretty mopey today.... and the whopping "39 C" is not helping either...

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