Sunday, June 03, 2012

Anticipating Auntie Nhi's Arrival!!

This morning, we woke up and D-Guy was no where to be seen, and I was under a pile,

According to D-Guy, after he had finally finished playing Diablo (game) at 3:40am, he came into the room and saw this. He decided to not disturb me, so he went back to the pooter room to play some more and then sleep in the pooter room.

Mum had to groom today, so we went to the apartment. I met this little Lakie named Maggie,

I wanted to be friends with her, but I think she was afraid of me.......

So I gave her space,

After grooming, mum took me to get laser treatment for my sore back. On the way home, we stopped by English Bay where my MUSCLE BUTT was a major attraction.

Auntie Nhi is coming to visit ME next week. She's coming all the way from Mississippi can you believe it?? She REALLY wants an Airedale, but hubby says no.... so this is the next best thing! Auntie Nhi is owned by my little Lakie friend Lola. She is also owned by the two bootiful hooman gurrrrrrrrls who drew me my get well cards when I was very sick with sepsis. She also made me the bootiful hand knitted flower collar, made mum her snood, and again, made mum the Pawperty of Squaire Dog Grooming apron. (mum: and a bandanna for Jaffa too!)

Anyway, I thought I would scout out places to take Auntie Nhi to,

Here's Granville Island to me left, under the bridge, across the water,

To my left, across the water, there is Vanier Park and the dog beach,

To get to both those places, we could either drive, or take these little blue sea buses!!

I can't wait 'til Auntie Nhi comes, so we can go TREASURE HUNTING!!!

And do beach patrol!!!


Duke said...

How exciting that your Auntie Nhi is coming, Sunshade. We know that you'll show her the best time ever!
That dog at English Bay must not have had any lovlies. You didn't look particularly interested in him. haha
We don't like seagulls either. They're thieves!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Lorenza said...

Sure you enjoyed the bed and the covers.... all for you!
That is a great place to take auntie Nhi!
I had a good laugh watching the "butt dance"!
Happy sunday!
Kisses and hugs