Sunday, June 03, 2012

SuperSPECIAL Candle Mat & Healing Collar

Look at what my Auntie Sue  (Angel Maggie, Mitch & Molly's mom) made for me!!!

It's a SuperDALE candle mat!!!

It looks just like me with grey ears don't you think??

Here is a close up of the candle mat. Notice the bling the wool me is wearing?

Here is the close up of ME!!! See the healing collar that I'm wearing??

Auntie Sue knew I wore my healing collar a lot, so she put healing collar on the wool me too!!

THANK YOU so much Auntie Sue!! I must admit, at one point, I did think perhaps it was a big piece of pancake with ME on it.....

The reason I say it's my Healing Collar is because the collar is made up of various healing stones and crystals, picked specifically for my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Mum had to fill out a LONG form to give very detailed description of my health issues, as well as what is bothering me emotionally and spiritually (I told her to write about how STINKY annoys me spiritually, but she refused??? doG knows what VERY important, STINKY-curbing magic stones I must be missing because of that bit of missed information!)

The purple highlighted items are the stones used in my collar and the description for each stone. There are 6 double sided pages!!

If you would like to get your own healing collar, please visit Pelli's Castle Works. Mum says even if it doesn't cure you, it's still pretty to look at! 

Every year, mum sends Marianne an update on what's going on with me, and then she Airemails the collar back for Marianne to add/take away stones based on my needs at the time. Marianne also rebraids the collar so it stays sturdy!! I've had my collar for almost 5 years now. (mum: price is very reasonable for the yearly update, re-braiding. Marianne is awesome to work with!!)

My SuperHEALING Collar & my SuperCANDLE-MAT!!

The candle mat is now hanging with the rest of the SuperDALE memorabilias. Thank you again Auntie Sue, I love it, and mum LOVES it even more I think!!


dave and lydia said...

your candle mat is BeeOtiful! Auntie Sue does lovely work! you are so lucky to have that on your SuperWall of SuperYou!

Duke said...

Your collar looks stunning on you, Sunshade! My Maggie loved her healing collar too and it looked just beautiful on her.
You are one special girl and we love you!

Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, that was a beautiful present. Sue is very talented.

Anonymous said...

Sunshade your candle mat and healing collar are almost as pretty as you! So you thought at first it was a pancake? Glad you didn't eat it! Looks lovely hanging on your Mom's wall! Your healing collar is beautiful!