Monday, June 11, 2012

Day with Auntie Nhi

This morning, mum took me for a short walk while STINKY went jogging with Bikeman Mike. After my walk, mum and Auntie Nhi went to eat Dim Sum. They brought me some left over radish cake and I loved it!

On the way home, we stopped by another one of my favourite food stores. It is another one of my favouritest places to go to because I get fed yummy treats!!! Look at my friend Flat Lola, she was begging for treeeeeeeeats too,

I got some while Flat Lola watched....

Then Auntie Nhi said she was going to buy ME some TREATS!!! (mum: and Jaffa too!)

See, TWO boxes of my favouritest brownies, one Turkey Liver one Salmon, and a bag of buffalo hearts!! Flat Lola was helping to pay too!

I was SOOO SuperHAPPY!!! 

Auntie Nhi got out a Turkey Liver brownie squaire.  She asked if Flat Lola could have it,

But I said round Sunshade should have it since I'm 3D!!!

Auntie Nhi packed everything up to get ready to go,

Being the considerate girl that I am, I told Auntie Nhi that I would carry something for her,

Out we went with Flat Lola!!

We went back to the van where I put Flat Lola in,

We took a picture together. Aren't we cute??

After treat shopping, we headed to Auntie Helen's house for Auntie Nhi to meet STINKY #3. I don't understand what the big deal is with the STINKY's, why do people need to meet them??? (mum: Sunshade calls all puppies, "stinkies". There is a story behind it. This is Saphie, Jaffa's 6 months old niece from our breeder. She is the smart puppy if you remember the video.)

Auntie Nhi took the opportunity to practice "handstripping". She was showing STINKY #3 the haire she plucked out. (Thank you doG for making me sheepcoated!)

(mum: Saphie has a gorgeous coat. We have not stripped her since I took out her puppy fluff. Yet she laid in her bed and let a complete stranger pluck out her hair. The reason her face looks very long/ narrow/small compared to the rest of the body is because we have been clipping her head and cheeks as a guideline for ear gluing. Yes.... her ear woes continues... Her mom Helen wants her ears to be perfect. She's done teething, so I think this is the last window of opportunity for gluing. Poor girl!)

Mum's friend Kumiko also had a stinky (STINKY #4), whom I'd never met. Mum thought that she should come meet Auntie Nhi too. So mum decided to take me home and pick up STINKY who had finished his jog with Bikeman Mike. Auntie Nhi stayed behind and got some Reiki treatment from Auntie Helen. Mum left me with D-Guy and picked up STINKY & STINKY #4 to go back to Auntie Helen's house. Fine by me, D-Guy and I don't do STINKIES!!!!!

STINKY & STINKY #3, (mum: this is Jaffa & Saphie.). STINKY #2 is STINKY's sister, she wasn't there today.

STINKY #3 & STINKY #4, (mum: Saphie the 6 months old & Hana the 4 months old)

STINKY #4, STINKY #3 & STINKY, (are you confused yet?)

(mum: Saphie has had one "Sunshade lesson" when she was 12 weeks old, and she has translated what she learned from Sunshade to her greetings with all dogs. She is very respectful, greets them politely, doesn't jump or bite. The trainers at Saphie/Hana's training school said she's the most composed, polite Airedale they had ever met (yes, they have met Jaffa LOL....). Anyway, after that one lesson, Sunshade hasn't needed to tell Saphie again. Jaffa is probably the most mellow, laid back Airedale I know, and yet Saphie is still respectful towards him. Usually, I see dogs take advantage of his easy going personality and walk all over him (he doesn't really care :-), but not Saphie. Hana on the other hand is a little pistol :-) A very cute, rambunctious pistol! She still jumps on every dog she meets and she bites their legs, faces etc. Her biting can get quite intense, and I know Sunshade would not put up with it. Hana's parents are working on it, and I'm sure she will be a lot better once she is a little older. It is very interesting though, Saphie is very respectful towards Sunshade/Jaffa/adult dogs/polite puppies, but she does not tolerate Hana's puppy rudeness.)


STINKY #4 decided she was going to start chewing on STINKY's front leg. Look at STINKY lifting his leg up!!

Chewing on STINKY's back leg now!! Thank goodness I wasn't there to have to live through THAT!!

Stinky CRAZINESS!! (Thank you mum for taking me HOME!!)

Group photo of the STINKIES with mum & Auntie Nhi,

Mum and Auntie Nhi eventually came home (covered in STINKINESS) with a very pooped STINKY. It was din din time, which meant, my turn for activities!!

Our destination - The Richmond Night Market!!

BTW, that's D-Guy's let's goooo stop taking picture face. I couldn't agree with D-Guy more.....

Look at all the hoomans!!


Before I could get to the foodable vendors, I saw Auntie Nhi do this with the Richmond Firefighters.....

Then mum did the same thing!

That could only mean one thing.......

Which reminds me of this poster of the SuperDALE!!

They got everyone going.... the night market photographer (and a gazillion others) came to take pictures too.....  I really just wanted to go E-A-T!!!


I would like one Schweinshaxe please!

Wow..... so many Schweinshaxes.....

Evil-mum said NO to the Schweinshaxe. Something about she didn't know how to cut it for me?? What kind of excuse was that?? She did promise to get me something else though. 

Me and Auntie Nhi waiting away from the chaos. I got SuperSTEPPED on by a man and it SuperHURT :-(

As promised!!

Two chicken skewers!! GIMME GIMME!!

I put on a show because they couldn't really walk properly, with me putting my MUSCLE BUTT down every two steps.

(mum: She was DESPERATE for some chicken that she kept sitting down as we were walking. So we finally just stopped and fed them to her. Needless to say, she attracted a lot of attention!)

Auntie Nhi found something she liked!!! Sui Mai!!

I was her bodyguard. To make sure the safe arrival of the Sui Mai.

Ta-dah!! Here they are!

Now pay up!! I don't work as a bodyguard for free ya know??

Yes pleeeeeeeese!!

Auntie Nhi was very generous. So was mum, she wasn't too Evil today and let me eat the Sui Mai!

Yes, more. I make more than the minimum wage.

I earn a doctor or lawyer salary, in foodables.

Then I had a SuperSNEEZE. Mum thought that was my SuperSPIT that came out when I sneezed, but D-Guy insisted that it was a SuperSNOT. He said he saw it fly out of my SuperNOSE!

Then D-Guy got a weird eggie pudding. I didn't really want it, it was fruity smelling.

The hoomans then decided that it was time for a break from the food vendors. Me and Auntie Nhi in front of some pretty light up trees!


I think some lucky hooman pups are getting pressies!!

Before leaving, Auntie Nhi and I decided that we couldn't leave without some corn on the cob!

Look how nice, she got one for me too!!

Thank you Auntie Nhi!!

Now just hold it there while I nibble on my corn cob ok? (mum: she started eating the corn just like that, assuming Nhi was there to "hold it" for her! Such a spoiled girrrrrl!)

Then mum told Auntie Nhi to just put my corn on the cob down. I asked Auntie Nhi if she wanted to give me a bite of her corn cob,

We started eating. Auntie Nhi was laughing really hysterically here because it was such an honour for her to share corn on the cob with the SuperDALE!

Then something happened... 

I just happen to finish my corn at a SuperSPEED, so Auntie Nhi decided to offered me half of her corn cob. She thought I would only nibble on one half and she would still eat the other half. BUT, there was a miscommunication and I took the whole corn on the cob away from Auntie Nhi. This was the end result....

Sorry Auntie Nhi... I didn't mean to eat ALL your corn.....

I had a great time with Auntie Nhi today! As usual, I attracted TONS of attention and posed for pictures with TONS of people at the night market. However, this year, things were a little different because I had a SuperDALE spokes person with me!! I can't tell you how many times Auntie Nhi said the following to people (while mum turned all red and embarrassed),

"Isn't she beautiful/sweet? She's famous you know? She was on Cesar Millan's website, and she has a Facebook page, and a blog. She is not a dog, she is a human. She eats corn on the cob and edamame beans like we do. She is also a grandma to guinea pigs. Look her up on google or Facebook!"


Duke said...

Auntie Nhi is absolutely right, Sunshade. You are superfamous!
She sure was supergenerous with you! We just love the picture of the two of you sharing corn on the cob together!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

The Black and Tans. said...

Sunshade we firmly believe you should have a permanent spokesperson who would promote your internet pages and always supply you with continuous foodables.

Lovely to see you had such a great time with auntie Nhi.

Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie