Monday, May 21, 2012


I showed you the Non-China-Medicated raw chicken that we put in the dehydrator right??


They are DONE and ready to be EATEN!!! Twooooooo full bags of it!

I'm a perfect gurrrrrrrrrrl,

I don't counter surf to steal food,

I just take what's rightfully MINE,

Unfortunately, Evil-mum was very controlling. She took MY chicken strip bags from ME, and made me lie with them without touching them.......

Then she said one bag was for STINKY....... That looks more like both bags for STINKY don't you think??

So she wanted a picture of STINKY with MY chicken strips. This was the face she got from him. WTH, what a weirdo!!

(mum: well, there is a reason why he looked like that. What were you doing Miss Sunshade???)

I was just looking at him, making sure he didn't eat MY bag of chicken strips. I didn't even make a noise!

(mum: it's true that Sunshade didn't make any noise. When food is involved, one "look" from Sunshade will have Jaffa running for the hills. He was obeying my stay command, plus he was kind of trapped since Sunshade was below him. He won't step past her (when food is involved) unless there is a lot of space for him to go around.)

I said enough of that. Taking MY bag!!

Opening MY bag,

I listened to mum and left his bag of strips (even though I really didn't understand why should one bag be his? They should just both be mine!),

Evil-mum once again, became controlling, and took MY bag of strips that I was trying to open!! She said we had to S-I-T to get the strips.

Well, I saw she got the strips out from MY bag, the bag that I had partially opened for her. So naturally, only I should get fed since it was from MY bag. So I told STINKY he couldn't sit, with my SuperEYES of course,

Excellent! Only I'm S-I-T-T-I-N-G, so only I get chicken strips!! Hand it over now mum!!

Of course, Evil-mum just had to have control of EVERYTHING!!

She got STINKY to S-I-T (mum: outside of the Aire-strike zone.), and she gave him MY chicken strips toooooo..... HUMPH!!!

Used and mistreated.... Used because it was MY bag of chicken strips that was being used, and mistreated because MY chicken strips ended up in STINKY's tummy and not mine....


My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, your evil mum is only trying to keep things "even" between you and Jaffaman. Maybe your mum put the bigger strips in your bag as opposed to Jaffa's bag.

Bonnie Belk said...

Oh poor Sunshade. Should I call animal control to have you picked up from your terrible home with a controlling mum and a stinky tormentor? What's that you say? NO WAY!? Hmmmmmm. I thought so. Be a goooood gurrrrl, and I'm sure you'll get your bag of treats.

Duke said...

Our mom always thinks that sharing is best too. I'm with you, Sunshade. Everything should belong to the older and more experienced Dale, right?!

Love ya lots,

Duke said...

Hi Miss Sunshade. I sure could use some of your expertise for training my hoggish older brother like you have yours trained. I sure do admire you!

Love ya lots,
wee Molly

Lorenza said...

I could see your SuperEye on Jaffa!
Looks like he is very afraid of it!
Glad you "shared" your strips with him!
Kisses and hugs

Teddy said...

Ooh, Miss Sunshade you've had a terrible day having your chicken strips put into Stinky's belly. I think your mom needs to make three bags just for you and let you eat them all at once!


Cowspotdog said... are VERY good at the evil eye.....yes - keep that Stinky in his place and away from YOUR chicken strips!!!