Monday, January 25, 2010

She's KILLING me!!!!!

*WARNING*: You will need your speaks ON (volume all the way up preferably) for this video. Therefore, please don't watch this video in a public place (ie, in the office) where people will look at you in awe thinking you take in joy watching animals being slaughtered.

I'm not an early bird. Most mornings, I prefer to lie in bed and do an extra 15-20 minutes of stretches, yawns, and face rubs (against the mattress or pillow) after I become officially awake. Usually I come out of dreamland (dreamland with BOYZ to be exact) when mum gets up. Every morning after she wakes up, the first thing she does is to come kiss me (like EVERYWHERE), pet STINKY (she doesn't kiss him because he landsharks her face) before she goes in the bathroom to get ready.

Sometimes before she kisses me, she would ask me "Are you gonna give me A-hhhhhhhhh KISS-KISS?". I have never said "YES" to that request, but I have always responded by one or more of the following: head-budding (her nose), head-rubbing, nibbling with my SuperTEETH (at her cheeks), pawing (at her face), groaning, moaning, and tail thumping. After the ritual, mum usually goes in the bathroom grinning from cheek to cheek.

While she's in the bathroom, I usually watch from the comfort of MY bed, STINKY run laps around the bed that I'm lying on. Periodically, MY poor mattress would receive random shark bites at its sides. Eventually, after mum comes out of the bathroom, I again watch her from MY bed, put on her dog walking jacket, attempt to calm STINKY down before she gives up, put STINKY's collar and leash on him, reach for my harness, and it isn't until she turns the door nob do I actually get up & out of the bed. A SuperDALE needs all the rest she can get!

This morning, I had a near death experience. Yes, my 10 years of life flashed before my SuperEYES, and I almost DIED.

(mum: get ready to see my drama queen to the fullest extend!)

Did you see I choked from howling at one moment??

Seriously, you can dub my pitiful voice with any of the following lines and it would make A LOT of sense!

When I first hear the most dreaded question, before she even touches me....


Line 2: PLEEEEESE DOGGGGGG DON'T LET IT STA......(too late)..RTE......

During the torture......

Line 1: Please GOOOOOOO brush your TEEEEEEETH.... I can't BREAAAAAAATH ...




Sadly, I'm almost certain that I'm not the only one amongst my friends who has suffered a near death experience. LeLe & Trish (The Airechicks), have you had similar experiences? I know my goodest gurrrrlfriend Maggie suffers the same (mum: but she's way more polite than you!!!), and its good that Noah of the Leuradales is all the way in Oz otherwise he'd be in trouble too because mum thinks we look like replicas.

(mum: This morning, when I gave Sunshade my usual wake up "kisses" (usually not that many), she started howling while thumping her tail against the bed (wagging). Something about the sentence "are you gonna give me a kiss-kiss?" has always gotten her excited and wound up, but she has never howled in response!! It was hilarious because it certainly sounded like she was being killed by my kisses. I didn't have my camera handy, so grabbed my iphone.

This is why I rarely need to watch TV. I get more than enough entertainment just watching Sunshade and Jaffa. They never seize to come up with new quirks to make me laugh, surprise me. Sunshade is my 10 year old girl, my animator, my heart!)


Duke said...

Awwwwwwwww, you know you're LOVIN' your mom's kisses, Sunshade!
We love the howling! I, Miss Maggie, sometimes growl at mom and she can't tell if I'm glad to be getting kisses or mad because she disturbed me! Mitch landsharks too but only if he knows you're teasing and playing. Mitch LOVES to be hugged and kissed. He eats it right up!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Dexter said...

Miss Sunshade! How you are tortured! I could barely stand it. Of course momma was thinking she wants to come over and smoochie your fuzzy head. What a doofus.

BTW - that crazy act Stinky pulls before walkies is the same as stupid PeeWee. Momma tries to make him be good and then just gives up. If you try to smoochie him you wind up with a bloody nose from his snooter.


The Airechicks said...

OMDog -

The audacity of that "KESSIE" woman! She'd be upset if you did that do her - oh, maybe you should put that into action about 4:15 am and be sure to have the camera's ROLLING!!!

Lele is ALWAYS up and ready to GO - she'd "kess kess" first...Now Tris she's a WHOLE another drama from another mama - she wants nothing to do with anyone and will even go so far as to go back to bed outside in the cold dark backyard to get away......

Sunshade - tell the "KESSIE" woman you'll be up when you feel like it and until then "PUSH" off!!! - per Tris.

P.S. - I have personally try this and it "DOESN'T" work.....


We feel your pain!!!

Asta said...

I am constantoly hounded fow my kissies..I have nevew seen anyone speak up so well fow the towtoowe of it all.
Youw owling sent shivews down my spine.. I am just welieved that you suwvived the expewience, heheh
smoochie kisses

brooke said...

Hi Sunshade! We found you through Mango's mango minster blog.
Oh my, you poor tortured soul!
hehehe. that was too cute!

Puglette said...

hi, we had to come see the horrible doggie torture as described by mango. well, that was quite an impressive show! the howling was so interesting. i can see how the terrible kiss-kiss could disturb you so much. when i kiss charlie, our little puggie girl, she usually huffs and puffs and moves out of my reach. we share our kisses at night as she sleeps on my pillow.
it's nice to meet you! keep up the good work1

Toby said...

OMD..... the torture!!!! I could only watch half of this but mom thought it was the cutest thing eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer and watched it 3 times!!

Mommy is always stealing smooches from me to. It's so annoying. I need to learn how to howl like you.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Well. We might've believed it was torture till we read that your tail is thumping and waggin', and now we're thinkin' you were REALLY REALLY liking it (moaning and growning) and may be too embarrassed to admit it.

(You sure reminded Fergi of her friend Farfel. You Dales. Such a voice.)

Jake (and Fergs)

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

That totally cracked our mommy up.She's laying in bed (luckily with her ear bud on)watching your video.[Dad's snoring.] Now tomorrow morning she is gonna try that to BabyRocketDog and see if she'll make that dieing sound! I can hardly wait.hehe. Loved the video.

kissa-bull said...

oh my dog
my mommish eyes are leaking from laughing
she shays she dont remember the last time she laughed so much
sowy let us introduce ourselves
we are the houston pittie pack and we saw you over at mango's bloggy and wanted to come and say hi and look at the torture
we get tortured that way alot in our house
ck it out

maybe we can be furryends???
guero, coco chanel, brinks and bella
the houston pittie pack

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh good Dales speakin' ur Dale-ese...ya did sound like you were bein' murdered, Sunshade...honestly...what the neighbors must think....Mumsie has a new trick with us in the morning...she does the kissie part to Stan, then speaks to him in Dale-ese...then SHE starts to howl...then all three of us toss our heads back and howl our little terrier heads off...we sound like's very odd.

Hey, we put a package in the mail to ya...the dude at the postie office said it would go by FAST camel and be there in two weeks. We've gotten packages to Noah faster than that. Oh...please feed and water aforementioned camel and return to US Postal Service...there is a lack of them you know...

Kisses, Miss Sunshade and sharkbites to Jaffa...

Lotsa Lakie love,


Princess Patches said...

You are definitely a drama queen, Sunshade! Just like me (Patches)! You should hear me if someone tries to cut my toenails. Now, THAT really IS torture! Of course, sometimes I just "talk" to my mom in a very quiet, soft bark. Penny and Poppy just plain bark! They don't know how to sweet talk mom!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh Sunshade, you're very lucky to have the thick fur. The kisses cant penetrate down to your skin. I sadly cannot say the same. Have you seen what has happened to my fur? It's gone. We are no longer twinnys.....sigh.

Noah x

Joe Stains said...

oh my dog that was hilarious. You were really pleading with her to stop! I need to try this one.

Duke said...

Guess what, Sunshade? I pushed on my treat machine bone handle with my nose and it worked, I got rewarded! I'm honestly getting the hang of it! I'm smarter than Mitch is!

Love ya lots,

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Sunshade,

OH MY DAWG... Can I come and rescue you from being 'tortured'??

Our mom wants to tell you that she was watching from her laptop while sitting on the bed, and when Hershey heard Sunshade's howls, she charged into her laptop!! We had to mute it before the mad pup (or mom's laptop) get hurt.


Deetz said...

My heart has been sad as you know with losing my lil brother, Sharkie and I wanted to come and thank you for your comments...and...I am so glad I did, because my heart is filled with laughter right now. I could have sworn you howled "leave me alone, momma" too funny!
I think I am in love

Inky and Molly said...

Oh my Dog!!! I have found you!! My other half!! It's you and I never knew!!
I AM EXACTLY THE SAME! I sing the same song and thump my tail.
I didn't feel real confident until about 3 months ago and now it's a regular occurrence, just after waking.
I hop on the pinkies' bed and "sing them the song" as they say whatever they are saying to me (I can never quite hear what they are saying, I am howling so loud!).
Thank Dog for you!!

Inky and Molly said...

I should have indicated that it's me, Molly the Monster and that we will be posting a video to show you!!