Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rematch with the EVIL hose!!!

Well some of you might remember, the EVIL hose and I have a history together. We were head to head last year when we met, and I had a slight edge over the EVIL hose when I won two out of three rounds. You can refresh your memory here if you wish:

When it was time for a rematch this year, I knew I would win. I had confidence because this year, I got STINKY. He could help me kill the EVIL hose you know, like any good nephew would for his elderly aunt.

Rematch - ROUND 1

I didn't need to battle too hard,

I took the EVIL hose out easily, even with the very helpful STINKY by my side (where the arrow is pointing),

ROUND 1 result: Sunshade 1 : EVIL hose 0

We had a break, and then it was time for Round 2

Rematch - ROUND 2

This is how it went,

I think you would all agree, other than that little Drink-Hose-Dry method which resulted in a little bit of subsequent choking, I had the EVIL hose cold - even WITHOUT the help from my wonderful nephew!!

Final Result: Sunshade 2 : EVIL hose 0

I was declared the CHAMP for the second year in a row!


Now, let's talk about STINKY who unfortunately happens to be my nephew.

All the time that I was battling hard with all my will and power, heart and soul, he was either chewing on garbage,

Or, pretending there wasn't a war going on, (that's MY hole he's lying in!)

Or, stinking up MY hole!! (He could have at least helped with my landscaping plan, but noooo..)

And you know what? In the end, when it was all over, he had the gut to ask to be photographed with the Hose-Killing CHAMPION.

I kept my cool, because that's what terriers are known to do (mum: HA HA HA! No, I really wasn't laughing, don't be mad...), and agreed to his unreasonable request.


Snowball said...

Hey Sunshade,

Where is Stinky No. 2 aka Qila? She wasn't there when you celebrated your bloggy's birthday and she wasn't with you when you went to your mum's school. Did you finally gotten rid of her?


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Well done on the hose battling victory. Terriers rule again!

Oscar x

Amber-Mae said...

Was it fun dueling with the water hose??? I usually lose against it...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Myeo said...

Great jobe..thou Stinky could have helped a little.

Boy n Baby

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Sunshade, I'm also curious..where is Qila?? I don't see her anymore in the recent posts!

Stanley said...

I'll give you a call next time our evil hose gets out of control! You should be in the special forces, girl! (With all that special training you've had).

I could watch you battle that hose ALL DAY LONG!

Goober love,