Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guess what SHE did!!

I had my swim session today. It was a lot of fun, just like always.

Mum threw my ball-balls,

I went and got them!

And then.....


Yup, mum got in the pool too!!

We were standing on the underwater treadmill here.

Mum said she wanted to use the under water massage hose to massage my sore muscles. I am a VERY muscular gurl, and my muscles can get tense very easily. Recently, I've been suffering from a few muscle strains, so any kind of massage I get is greatly helpful.

Usually the therapist goes in the pool with the doggie and does all the massage, treadmill, swimming with the patient, but because I'm so special, Dr. Bowra lets mum do all that herself and we get discounted rates! I also get to have the pool for as long as I want (usually 30 min/session), as long as there are no appointments booked immediately after. I am such a SPECIAL gurrrrrl!!

(mum: we are very lucky Dr. Bowra offers us such privileges. We have been going to the rehab center since 2003, even before the pool was put in and have become great friends with everyone at the clinic. Dr. Bowra and his staff once joked and said we practically paid for pool LOL!)

I gotta admit, it was kinda fun having mum in the pool cause we got to play very intense Keep-Away games. This video was taken towards the end of our 90 min swim so I was pretty warm and pretty tired. It is the toned down version of our usual Keep Away game.

Yes... I was very warm.....

And kinda tired too....

After my swim session, mum said she would take me for a walk at the park.


We came to Aldergrove Park, and right away, my attention was drawn towards a particular gate...


I saw a gorgeous BOY!!!! He looked like Hammer but in black and tan. I think he's a handsome Gordon Setter.

He had my undivided attention. I slowly inched my way towards him.....

Closer and closer, from all direcitons...... (I had to make sure he was friendly you know?)

Finally, I gave in to his charm. This was my attempt to flirt with him from outside the gate. He, I'm sure, was simply too mesmerized by my sexy presence because he remained completely motionless (mum: that's what you get for being too forward!). I wanted to make a lasting impression on the handsome dude, so I left him my scent (mum: as in marked right in front of his gate), and made sure he got a good whiff of it (mum: as in kick it in his face...).

Watch the video, you will know what I'm talking about!

Mum had to tell me to "leave them" when the two little yappers were yapping because I have a tendency to be rude back to whomever that's rude to me...... But I listened to mum and controlled myself this time.

I was tired after my long swim and my little flirt session, so I decided to take a break beside the play ground.

A tired, but happy gurrrrrrl!!


Duke said...

What a neat massage tool! OMG I could almost feel it! The water sounds were wonderful!
We have Gordon Setter's that live near us. They're show dogs and very, very handsome!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...


How many laps did you do in your keep away game? Just when I thought you were done, you'd head off and take another 3 or 4 laps! You are an amazingly strong swimmer girl! I could watch you all day.

Poor Gordon Setter Boy. He missed out by not getting to play with you. At least you tried to make his day brighter.

Goober love,

Texas's Mum said...

Sunshade you have been busy
have'nt you and the videos
of you in the pool well I think
that your swim style is a gold
winning one.
And the dog that did'nt say anything
to you maybe he was speechless at the
site of your beautiful image.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Toby said...

That's a cool massage thingy!! But um, it seems a tad similar to bath time... I don't like baths. But massage, maybe that I would like.


Luckie Girl said...

It's almost like SPA for DOGS. You lead a darn good life I say. :)
I see you working it with that big boy!

wally said...

Oh! DogSpa! Did you throw balls for your mom to fetch in the water? Did she massage your muscle butt?