Saturday, June 30, 2007


I got to see and HEAR what "paintballing" was all about today.

Mum's friends invited mum to go paintballing with them. Mum rejected to playing because she said she was bringing me, but went to watch anyway. (SHE said she didn't play because she thought I would have fun at the barn, so she "sacrificed" (that's a quote) and brought me with her. But I think she was just too chicken of being shot, didn't want to get her clothes dirty. Bringing me was just a cover up... SHHHHH.....)

Anyway, the games were held at The Barn in Mission, BC. (It is a barn, literally LOL)

Hoomans put these,

In these,

Dress like these, (please ignore the one without a gun, SHE was too chicken, like I said)

And they make these noises. Watch how un-bothered I was by the bang Bang BANG BANG's!!

I ate grass, despite all the shooting

I even caught some bugs despite all the shooting in the background

The noises from guns being fired were actually a lot louder than what you hear from the videos. Notice STINKY was no where to be seen? That's because he didn't come. Mum was afraid the sound coming from all the shootings would scare him so he went to his friend's house to play.

Mum and I stayed in the "neutral zone" while her friends were in combat. The "neutral zone" is an area where no shooting is allowed whatsoever, and it is the set up area for most people.

I was so hot, I dug a hole in the neutral zone.....

It wasn't just any hole, it was a hole in the coolest (pun intended) spot I could find.....

YUP! Under a truck!!

It is much cooler, much shadier, and makes a much happier gurrrrl!!

I took a nap,

Woke up,

Had a few slurps of ice.....

Got a little hungry, so I went to MY bag and looked for the "SOURCE" (mum: a bag of treats I brought..)

Found it, and finished it. Unfortunately, I couldn't hide the evidence.

I was getting kind of bored, and was getting warm again, so mum and I went for a walk. I put my nose to work, and guess what I found!!


I was so happy because I love water, and that was exactly what I needed to cool my boiling blood down.

I chased rockies that mum threw,

And then - I found my SPECIAL ROCK!!

It was so special, I brought it back with me to the neutral zone.

Mum threw MY special rock into the tall grasses, and I "bunny hopped" to find it!! The little pounce I did basically told you when the special rock was located. I *always* do a little pounce when I find MY special rock.

Did you see my happy tail going the WHOLE TIME???

Did you say ssssssssss-pecial rock???

I even fell asleep beside MY special rock,

Because I love MY special rock so much, mum let me bring MY special rock home. It is now in my yard amongst all my other special rocks!! (mum: she is constantly bringing special rocks home LOL)

This was the last picture we took before leaving the barn. Mum got to hold the gun for the picture, and I was a little worried at where the gun was pointing so I kept an eye on mum.

On the way back home.........



Duke said...

I think I would have been afraid of all that banging Sunshade! You're sure brave! You must have a huge rock pile at home!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...


I'm surprised with all that banging going on that you didn't constantly get up, fall over and play dead! Your rock is obviously very special!

I love your cool-aire hole and the close ups of you sleeping. So cute...

Goober love,

Texas's Mum said...

Sunshade WOW what a cool
adventure you and your mum
had my dad has been paintballing
a couple of times.
My mum only went to take pictures
of it one of the times my dad went.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Toby said...

Sunshade, you always get to go to such cool places!! And I totally admire the hole you dug under the truck. That was such clever thinking!!


Joe Stains said...

I have to admit that those bang bangs would scare me a LOT, I really don't like loud noises but you are very brave!

Snowball said...

You are such a great dogther for letting you mum to use you as an excuse to chicken out of the war gamme.