Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How long does it take to make a bed?

So how long does it take to make a comfy bed????

The answer: 2 minutes and 50 seconds!!!

That's right!!! I can make a comfy bed, anytime, ANYWHERE!! (mum: that's at a high school....)

Does it look comfortable???

Does my smile tell you how much I love the bed I made with my own sweaty paws??

An Earthy Terrier is a Happy Terrier!!!

The preferred nose/tongue look for a Terrier, any day, anytime!

The preferred beard look for a Terrier, any day, anytime!

A Teddy Bear crossed with a Boar and a Hippo.............

(I have no idea why I just said that......)

Anywayzzzzzzz, drop me a line if you need to have a custom made bed!!

(mum: did you know this girl, dug a hole so deep that she couldn't get out when she was only 8 weeks old?? Three days after I got her, my puppy disappeared from the yard. Then I heard cries coming out of a hole that was dug almost vertical. She had somehow slid into the hole she dug and couldn't get out.

Born a digger, always a digger!)


Molly the Airedale said...

Good spot to dig a hole Sunshade! At least nobody can fall into it where you dug it! hehehehe
Mitch has a brown nose most of the time these days!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...


I think I love your brown nosey even more than your regular nosey look. You are a champion digger. Does your mama have any photos of you when you trapped yourself in your own hole as a puppy? I'd LOVE to see them.

Goober love,

Texas's Mum said...

WOW Sunshade you are a digging
machine and that bed does look comfy
if I ever need a bed in a hurry
and cannot do it myself I know who
to call.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Joe Stains said...

sunshade, the doofus does this in our big bed, maybe he learned it from watching your videos??

Luckie Girl said...

Hey girl,
Erm you didn't get into any trouble at the high school digging and making your bed?
PS : I wanna know how often your Mom showers you? Mom would never allow me to dig and have all the earth/dirt on me. :(