Sunday, January 21, 2007

Marvin's Poems about ME!!!! ......and STINKY..

Poems by Marvin - The One and Only Scotsman Poet!

This was from the "Walk with Faye" post:

"Jaffa is a stinky wee boy,

Faye is a pretty girl who brings joy

But Sunshade has what they all lack,

For She is always Leader of the Pack!

A wee Poem for my Canadian Sweetheart."

love and sad licks Marv xxxxxx

This was from "I ate STINKY's chicken neck" post:

Title: Sunshade and Jaffa Stinky

"Sunshade has a Stinky pal but he is so young and geeky......

I think Sunshade really likes him but his puppy smell makes her weepy!

Stinky gets up Miss Sunshade's nose and really makes her mad,

But reading tales of poor Stinky makes old Marvin sad.

He looks such a lovely furry fun kind of pup -

If I had him for a brother it would really cheer me up!

I think Sunshade likes him - if the truth be known

Stinky also known as Jaffa has perhaps found his forever home!

A poem for my sweetheart so far across the seas,

My heart will always be with Sunshade until eternity!"

Love and tired licks from poemed out Marvin to Miss Sunshade (oh and a wee kiss for the boy Jaffa!)

THANK YOU Marvin, you are so talented. I would like to show my appreciation by sending you an 11 lb package. Please remember to check for delivery person. You might have to plug your nose when you open the package, ok??

ps. Mum made me put a link to STINKY's blog on my side bar........... so please, don't go visit him unless it's absolutely necessary ok?


Duke said...

Marvin is such a talented caring gentleman to write you such poetry!

Love ya lots,

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

ooooh Miss Sunshade, I am blushing so deep,

My heart is full and your love secrets I keep!

You are such a wonderful, dashing sweet girl,

When I hear your name, my eyelashes curl!

You are such a sweetie, so cute and so neat,

I love you to bits when you reply my life is complete.

I will certainly look out for the delivery man,

But I will be plugging my nose whenever I can!

Take care Miss Sunshade, you are the very best,

You are the Sunshine which shines from the West.

(ps the last bits were a desperate bit of poetry.....but it means I love you soooooo much in my poetic heart even though it don't make sense or rhyme too good!) Take care my Bonnie Lass! Marv xxxxxx

Myeo said...

Oooh Marvin is such a sweet guy.

Boy n Baby

Anonymous said...

Marvin is just like the rest of us: crazy for you!
(But unlike the rest of us, he is a poetry slam kind of canine. Smart boy!)

Ivy said...

tee hee! i wud like to see marvin with his eyelashes all curled for you!

luv ivy

Sharon said...

Uh oh, Miss Sunshade has a boyfriend!!

Chelsea said...

Wow , he has a way with words. And a crush on you missy!


Anonymous said...

I think the guy's got it bad! Poor Marvin!

Oh - and make sure to poke breathing holes in that 11 pound package!

Toby said...

Awww, that was so sweet of Marvin!~

PS: ssshhh, don't let mommy know that I told, but she keeps on visting Stinky's blog.


Fu Fu said...

Marvin is such a great poet

~ fufu

Loki said...

Yeah.. I've grown up... I am handsome boy while you are pretty girl... NoNo.. Is lady..


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Marvin is soooo clever. He must love you lots Sunshade (& who wouldn't)

Oscar x

Anonymous said...

Marvin - you are such a softie... Sunshade - are you falling for it yet? The sensitive new age dog (SNAD)?

Anyhow, it's getting late - barks soon,
Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I never go there - he does not exist.

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

oh my Marvin is so talented!! we saw an airedale today taking a walk, but silly mom didn't have her camera! he was very handsome and wearing a red bandana.

Simba and Jazzi said...

Your own personel poet, how cool is that.

Simba x

umekotyan said...

The poetry of marvin is beautiful.
However, the perfume of 11 pounds cannot be endured. :)

From loved ume tyan

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

Wow Sunshade. Those are pretty fine poems. Don't let Jaffa see them. I didn't know that you had a youngster in your pack. Kyzer will get to be about 45 lbs or so, we're guessing. That's right between Hamish (41 lbs) and Rafe (48 lbs). We hope he doesn't get any bigger than that--his parents are small, but he's the biggest puppy in the litter.

How big will your Stinky get?

Anonymous said...

sunshade you're so lucky to have such a romantic guy writing poems for u! :) did you write any for him?

haha if you send out your package now, it will be more than 11lbs by the time it gets to marvin!! :p remember to put extra postage or it might get bounced back!


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

What a talented poet Marvin is...Miss Sunshade it must be so flattering to have such an ardent admirer who writes you sonnets,

Tail wags

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hello Sunshade,

(bow)wow wow, so much has happened while I've been away. A dooog can't stay away a wet week but tons of stuff happens in bloggerland.

I can hardly believe you've got a Stinky livin' with you. I've read back over your dogposts and hey, keep rulin' that roost, baby.

And Marvin wooin' you with rhymes. Woohoo. I feel like I'm part of a soap opera.

Could that be a bone opera instead?

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo (who loves strangers cos they all, absolutely all, taste like chicken)