Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Auburn, WA: Day 1

Well, we are making a SuperIMPORTANT trip down to Washington State from Monday to Wednesday. On Wednesday, D-Guy will be doing some crazy driving (mum: rally driving) down near Auburn, WA. After that, Auntie Nhi will arrive at SeaTac aireport, and we'll pick her up to bring her to our place in Vancouver, BC. On our way back, we will be stopping by Auntie Lydia's place for din din!!


So today, before we set out to the borders, we dropped by my friend, Faye's house to do a car switch. The DaleMOBILE seats two people only, which won't be enough when Auntie Nhi comes! So we are taking Faye's van. Mum also gave Faye an hairecut. While Faye was getting her hairecut, D-Guy took me and STINKY to a nearby park where STINKY went nutty with a Boxer!

After mum was done with Faye, we drove ALLLLLL the way down to Auburn, WA. We don't normally stay in Auburn when we go down, but because it was close to D-Guy's rally car driving place, we decided to stay here this time.

Look at the SuperBOMB land near our hotel! Thank goodness my hearing isn't what it used to be!! Still, I felt the vibration from inside the van!

Later on, we went to a park named Games Farm Park for a walk,

It was a good park, I was happy!

Here is a lesson from the SuperDALE for you young kids,

"How To Cover Your Tracks Properly"

- you pick up opposite feet at the same time and give it a SuperKICK. Then you alternate.

(ie, left front with right hind, and right front with left hind)

CAUTION: Do make sure your slave isn't directly behind you when you are doing your kicks, so you don't accidentally kick dirt into your slave's face or fling SuperPOO into your slave's chest (as she's trying to pick up the treasure). Otherwise, watch out for the SuperSCREAM!!

We found a trail by the river,

And I said "LET'S GO LET'S GO!!!"

I stopped for some salad,

And then I realized I was falling behind!!!


Had to catch up!!!

Then the trail got quite muddy and gross with trees fallen over the path, so mum and D-Guy decided to turn back. It was a good hour walk and this was toward the end of the walk,

It was a GOOD day!!


We woke up this morning to pouring rain.... but mum and D-Guy decided that we should not waste a day to explorer the area. So they looked up online to see where we should go. Funny enough, our search turned up "Reber Ranch", the place where our Facebook friend, Josie, frequented. Apparently, it had a huge store and dog parks!!

We arrived at the Reber Ranch store,

I wanted treats, Evil-mum said NO,

I wanted a new bed, Evil-mum said NO too,

I spotted something I REALLY wanted,

Really really wanted....

But Evil-mum said a SuperNO! (I told her I would love it like my piggies, and she said "yeah right" can you believe it??)

I asked her how about some 100% Natural Dried Mealworms, and she said NO,

Those of you that think I'm "SuperSPOILED", think again......

So I left the store empty jawed, (I usually carry my items out on my own), and went to the dog park area.

Well, these two photos sum up my time at the dog park,

This video too,

(mum: Sunshade has always been very sensitive to dog urine and feces smell. She absolutely can't stand them. So she's never liked those concentrated dog parks. She prefers "no dogs allowed" parks LOL!)

After we left Reber Ranch, we came to this place......

In the POURING RAIN, we came to this place,

That's a lot of waterfall-ing on my SuperFACE!!

We went to another view point,

STINKY, always so attractive,

We walked over a scary overpass,

But I was SuperBRAVE of course,

Then I had had ENOUGH of this rain and this waterfall-ing on face place. We drove back to the hotel.  I made sure that MY treats weren't being given away too generously,

The ride back wasn't very comfortable.......

But I still managed to nap for a little,

BAD day so far..... (mum: Miss Sunshade makes it so obvious when isn't having fun. She is so expressive that you can't miss it!)

To be continued....


Dandy Duke said...

We love your superKick pictures, Sunshade, and we think that waterfall is awesome! We hope the fun gets better for you.

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Hi Sunshade, well at least you're on the road and exploring new places so that's good maybe it'll be sunshine again soon.

Ruby said...

Sure looks like you had loads of fun there Sunshade!! You are forever the princess - so regal.