Sunday, August 05, 2007

Picking up Faye / Never any peace...

This afternoon, mum left home WITHOUT ME, and told me to stinky-sit STINKY... can you believe it??

So she left with no dog, came back with one,

This is Faye, she is the 3 year old flying-earDALE mum got her friends to adopt. Faye's parents had to go away for a weekend, and they couldn't get back in time to pick Faye up from the boarding hotel. So mum went to pick Faye up from Rex Hotel and Spa WITHOUT ME!

She put Faye in MY SunshadeMOBILE!!

Then she took Faye to MY park WITHOUT ME!!

Dogsonally, I believe my mum needs to go for a refreshment course on Proper Behaviour Of An Airedale Mum, because she's obviously forgotten a few key points.

  • You ALWAYS bring your Airedale wherever you go
  • You NEVER come home with another doG
  • You NEVER put another dog in the AireMOBILE
  • You NEVER go to a park without your Airedale
  • You ALWAYS do what your Airedale tells you to do (most important one!)

When mum came home, she had the guts to let STINKY out first to meet Faye leaving the poor stinky-sitter watching from the window...

According to mum, Faye is a pretty laid back, happy go lucky girl, so she didn't want to overwhelm her by having both me and STINKY out at once. STINKY is supposedly the easier one to handle (YEA RIGHT! He's a land shark!), so he got to go out first while I continued......

Finally, I've had enough with the unfairness of the whole thing, so I told mum to LET ME OUUUUUUUUT!

Mum said I can be a B*TCH sometimes to unfamiliar dogs on MY property, and I get protective of STINKY (I have NO IDEA whatsoever why I would ever do that, it must be a reflex of some sort). Even tho Faye and I have gone for a few walks together, she has never been to my yard or my house (other than garage for grooming). So mum told me I had to be on a leash just in case.

Now that was just silly thinking on mum's part because everything was fine,

I mean, why would I want to be mean to someDALE who's willing to take the land-shark bites for me right???

I was hoping STINKY would forget about me; see Faye as me, and do what he does the best to Faye.

But.... I guess that was wishful thinking.....

What does he do the best????

ANNOYING ME of course!

He bites me when I'm walking,

He bites me when I'm peeing,

He bites me when I'm rolling,

In case you missed it, this is the blown up part from the photo above. Do you know why we call him the Land Shark??

He bugs me when I play with MY rockie,

He is always watching me......

He watches when I pick up something,

And does what he does the best around me,

With faces like THIS,

(Stanley.... you are SURE GOOBERS are different from STINKIES right???)

Just as I was wondering if I'll ever get any peace, he went and found his own stick and played with it in his own special way.

He totally ignored poor Faye.....

But I'm sure Faye was glad she got lots of hooman attention, and very little land shark attention!

Finally, STINKY was tired enough to leave me alone for a bit. So I went to MY rockie pile,

Picked out MY special rockie,

And dared the hoomans to come get MY special rockie!! See my "I dare you" face??


jaffeboy said...

Love that killer look Sunshade. I always like a tough girl!

Duke said...

hahahaha So there's the rockie pile! It is pretty large, isn't it!
You sure have to put up with lots from Jaffa, Sunshade! Poor you!

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...


Your "I DARE you" look is hilariously scary! And, NO! Goobers and Stinkies are NOT the same! How many times do I have to TELL you that?? (Maybe someday you'll believe me...)

Still sending you Goober love (cuz I can't help but love ya),
Your Goober bud,

Texas's Mum said...

Wow you sure do have a lot of rocks
and it was nice of you to let your
mum pick Faye up.
And I think that you are a very good girl
for looking after Jaffa I hope your mum
gave you a treat for looking after him
esp putting up with his land sharking ways.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Toby said...

Sunshade, I think your Mom is getting old (like my mom). They forget easily when they get old. Um, are you sure Faye is not staying at your place furever?

As for the land shark... doesn't he ever get tired of bugging you?? But then again, I think its cuz he luvs you so much!!


Anonymous said...

hi! Sunshade! or "blogging buddy"!
wow im being mentioned as hOOman
i mentioned u on my blog too!
wrote a blog about ur today hehe
ur portrayed as a.. lets say "unique person" lol
anyways.. since i wrote about u, thot i shud say hi

ur "blogging buddy"
(btw wasnt gona steal ur rockie oh)

Amber-Mae said...

Heehee...That Faye has got funny ears. You look very unhappy with that girl around YOUR house YOUR property & YOUR Stinky! Heeheehee...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Sunshade, I am super happy to be catching up with your posts. I sure miss your blogging a lot!
Faye looks like a nice demure young lady. :) Maybe Stinky needs a girl friend and he'll stop harrassing you one day.

Peanut said...

What in the world was your mom thinking of putting you on a leash. I know you would only be nice to other dogs in your yard.